Cruises From Fiji – Suva and Lautoka Ports Departures Only

Fiji, sea, beach, sand, palms

The are a lot of exotic islands in the South Pacific Ocean. And there are a lot of cruises that go around them. Unfortunately, all those cruises start in big cities and ports. For example, Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney. In this article I want to share information about cruise lines that depart from Fiji. Why? Because … Read more

Five Reasons to Depart from Southampton UK Cruise Port

Southampton UK cruise port

Southampton is the Cruise Capital of Great Britain. Home to some of the world’s most magnificent cruise liners and best known cruise lines, cruises from Southampton sail to the Baltic, Mediterranean, Norway, the Canary Islands and Northern Europe. You can cruise from Southampton to more exotic climes, too. Powerful modern ocean liners have shelved … Read more

The Best Time to Cross the Atlantic West to East

Waves in the Atlantic Ocean

It is much more of a challenge to cross the Atlantic from West to East in a sailing vessel than it is to take the traditional trade wind route in the opposite direction. If you wish to undertake this adventure then timing is key. It is important to choose the best times to do so. … Read more

Transpacific Cruises – the Complete Guide and Booking Services

Transpacific cruise

What is a transpacific cruise? It is a cruise that includes in its itinerary crossing North or South Pacific Oceans. In my previous article I have already told you all about the transatlantic cruises. Is there any difference between them, other than ocean name? Yes! In this article you will get to know everything you … Read more

5 Cruises You Must Try at Least Once in a Lifetime

Alaska cruise ship

Looking for something different to try for your next holiday? In case you have not yet tried cruising before, this will definitely be one of the best activities. It is slow-paced and it is calming. It allows you to explore natural landscapes and cityscapes, depending on the specific destination that will be chosen. If you … Read more

What is a Cruise to Nowhere, Do They Still Exist?

Cruise to nowhere and ocean horizon

Does this sound intriguing or terrifying? It’s actually really amazing and relaxing. Don’t worry, be happy — a cruise to nowhere is a cruise that is two to three days long. The ship leaves its home port, sails for a few days, and then returns to its home port without calling at any ports along … Read more

What are Repositioning Cruises and How to Find Them?

A repositioning cruise passing a town

A repositioning cruise – is a one way cruise that has different embarkation and disembarkation ports of call.  There are a few reasons why cruise lines offer repositioning cruises: Changing ship location due to weather conditions Changing ship location due to touristic season Changes in ship itineraries Paying off the cost of moving a ship … Read more

When is the Best Time To Go On A Cruise – By Destination and Month

Cruise ship in the ocean

One of the most common questions people ask when planning a cruise vacation is – when is the best time to go on a cruise? The answer is rarely a straightforward one. It will depend on a range of factors including: Whether price is important to you. (Traveling outside peak season will be cheaper.) Whether … Read more