Antarctica – General Information, Geography and Climate, FAQ

Emperor Penguins in Antarctica and Ice Around

Antarctica is the seventh planet and it is located in the southernmost part of the planet. It is also where the geographical South Pole can be found. Surrounded by the Southern Ocean, it can be found in the Antarctic region of the Southern hemisphere which is almost fully south of the Antarctic Circle. It covers … Read more

How To Get Ready For A Trip To Antarctica?

Getting ready an Antarctica trip

Traveling to the Antarctic lands is one of the most intense travel experiences in the world. This portion of the planet, happily preserved as a place of international scientific interest, is one of those few places where the true essence of travel persists in its most authentic and romantic state – adventure. Travelers who … Read more

Flora And Fauna of Antarctica – What Animals and Plants Exist There?

Emperor penguens in Antarctica

Can there be animal life in a place where everything is ice, snow and wind? Believe it or not, wildlife in Antarctica has managed to adapt to these extreme conditions and take advantage of the resources at its disposal. Learn about the species that inhabit the ‘white continent’ in the following article. How Is … Read more

Antarctica – Interesting Facts and Useful Information


When we think of a desert, the image that usually comes to mind concerns yellow sand, scorching heat and sun-breaking rocks. In our surprising planet, however, there are also very cold frozen deserts , among these: Antarctica. A land unknown by many, wrapped in a mysterious atmosphere that, unlike the usual deserts, brings back … Read more