Best Caribbean Islands For Families With Kids on Vacations

Family on a Caribbean Island

Looking for that one place in the Caribbean, an idyllic, safe and lovely place to spend your vacation? Yes indeed, it could be a challenge sometimes, trying to decide the place that is just ideal for the adults as well as the children in the family. Especially when cost, safety, decency, and entertainment are put into consideration. Well anyways, we’ve done just that, so here are our top great picks on the perfect islands for the entire family to visit, see, and be seen!

St. Martin

Nicknamed “The Friendly Island”, the St Martin is one perfect location for a perfect getaway. The views on this island are just wonderful! There are lots of places where the family could not afford to miss out on the activities such as rhino safari excursions. The major forms of transport on the island are public transport. A great place for relaxation. If you want to just stand still and enjoy the beauty all around you, you could pay a visit to Loterie Farm, a serene sanctuary of nature. Or if you need a safe and perfect place for swimming, head over to Friar Bay and Little Bay. Its waters are safe, calm and blue – just perfect for swimming. And in the evenings, don’t forget to gaze at the beautiful sunset and tranquil beach. Enjoy a sunset sail at the St. Martin capital, Philipsburg. Also check out the green, mahogany trees and lush foliage at Pic Paradis.


A relatively small island, it is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, yet it just offers the perfect blend of sights, resorts and experiences for the entire family. An interesting place, where flying fishes become frying fishes in a matter of seconds, with several white sand beaches, golf courses, sports and Calypso dances, the Barbados is best described in one word: lovely! It’s resorts and activities are for the man, woman, son, daughter, wife, husband, mother, father – meant to make everyone feel at home (or paradise) away from home, whilst partaking in great fun-filled activities. Check out the hills, and waves from along the Bathsheba beach. There is plenty to do in Barbados, even though you could just sit(or lie) down and gaze at the beach and taste a bittersweet Mount Gay Rum(adults only). What’s more, its people are fun loving and have a great sport culture. If this is your destination, rest assured that the family is in for a real treat.

St Vincent and the Grenadines

This is a beautiful nation made up of several surreal islands(32, precisely). It is simply an exotic island chain found in the middle of the Caribbean sea. This contributes to its remoteness, making it highly devoid of tourists. If you need the perfect place without people, just you and the rest of the family, with the nearest soul or two at the far end of the horizon seeming like ants, then feel free to take solace in these islands. If you’re feeling energetic and active or adventurous, you could take a La Soufriere Volcano Hike. Or spend a day or two checking out the Canouan, viewing its coral reefs, perfect resorts, and world class spas. Check out Carenage Bay beach and golf club. Spend a few hours at Softwhistle Bay beach. Safe, beautiful, interesting and lonely.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is just another exotic place that every family on a vacation should have on their bucket list. It welcomes every tourist with its pristine beaches, calm waters and heavenly cluster of islands. And wherever you go, do not forget to check out the shores of the Anegada, Smuggler’s Cove and Cave Garden, it’s environment is heavenly, and it probably is also the safest, with the lowest crime rate in all the Caribbean. On Cane Garden bay, you and the family could spend an entire day swimming in the the turquoise waters. Then as the sun goes down, the party turns up! Or just go see the Anageda, and relate with it’s flamingoes in their flock. What’s more, despite the devastation of the Hurricane Irma a few years ago, recent tourists say that its secluded landscape and great beauty is just as intact as ever. There are tours and cruises for transportation between islands. Even though the region may not be very developed, everything else about it, its blue waters and all, just gives you that sensation that you couldn’t be in a more beautiful paradise. Tourist attractions and resorts, it’s residents, and even other tourists just seem to transmit vibes that resonates with the entire family.

Turks and Caicos

Composed of over 40 islands, the Turks and Caicos is another British entity. It’s numerous islands means that it has got several sandy beaches. You the lady, and the kid could go whale-watching over on Salt Cay, take pictures and selfies on its undulating sand banks. Or on Thursday nights, take part and also taste the fish fries activities, and its evenings of chats, and samba dances. Or go on board one of the cruise ships on Governor’s beach. And oh! It’s baby soft white sandy beaches make it all the more one of the most beautiful places in the world. On Grace Bay, there are spas and bars tailored for the benefit, comfort, relaxation as well as recreation for the entire family. Go on, grab a martini and make a toast to the sunset in style!

The Cayman Islands

Welcome to the Cayman Islands. And you’re most welcome if one or more of you is an adept scuba diver! Go ahead and visit the crescent-shaped shores of the Seven Mile Beach regarded as one of the best in the Caribbean. Soft sands and calm waves, afford the family lots of leisure such as snorkeling, building sand castles, and paddle boarding. Located just south of the Seven Mile Beach is the Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto, a perfect spot for diving. It’s underwater mazes are loaded with barracudas, parrotfishes and silversides. Well if you’re more of a nature lover, you could go on with the rest of the family to the Mastic trail. Right after, you could visit Stingray city located in the North Sound area of the Caymans. There you can do lovely activities, include feeding live stingrays that visit the island from the Atlantic (It isn’t dangerous..all you have to do is follow the guides of the instructors). Even the toddlers would definitely enjoy the pirate cruises.

The U. S Virgin Islands

An official territory of the United States, the US Virgin Islands are one of the most exotic places on the planet. Fondly referred to as ‘America’s Paradise’ it consists geographically of a series of islands located about 1,770 kilometers from Miami. And if you’re a family that loves exploration and trying out new things, then you’ll surely love what this place offers. First things first, check out the National Park on St. John, with about 20+ trails, and even more, the world famous Trunk Bay beach. The adults should check out the Cruzam Rum Distillery and take some sips, while the children go check out the Coral World Ocean Park. You could spend the entire day sunbathing your tans and worries away, or take part in some water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, jet skiing, sailing and deep sea fishing. In all these, be aware that lizards and iguanas may roam freely outdoors. Every island has got its own specialties. St. Croix has got its numerous rum distilleries and sugarcane plantations. St. Thomas is known for its luxury and hilly horizon. The parklands of St. John draws in and appeals to newly weds, honeymooners and kids. Another great benefit is if you’re traveling in from the US it’s an advantage, because you can pay for everything and anything using US dollars.

Antigua and Barbuda

A part of the Caribbean you could call a ‘safe haven’ due to its extremely low crime rate. It is a sovereign state and also a member of the British Commonwealth. The Antigua and Barbuda are said to be composed of a total of 365 beaches, ‘a beach for each day of the year’. At it’s southeast coast it has got the Half Moon bay, renowned as one of Caribbean’s most exotic beaches. This beach is protected by reefs, with the rest of the land containing green foliage and perfect white sand. On its east coast, you’ll find Stingray City; where friendly stingrays glide through its spotless waters to be fed by tourists and visitors. One of the highlights of a trip to Antigua is a visit to the Stingray city. If you would love some history or to learn more about the local culture, then why not see the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda located in St. John’s? Lots of beautiful, interesting stuff to see, such as an Arawak dwelling’s full scale replica, and exhibits of the different ecosystems on the islands. Makes for some good education for the kids too. Secondly, there’s Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island, a hotspot for swimmers, sailors and fishermen, families, couples and all other sorts of people who might be seeking seclusion.


Anguilla is another British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean. It is a fast developing area which attracts more and more tourists, especially due to its classy hotels and swanky resorts. Because of its luxury tourism, it is meant for, and attracts the rich and famous. If the family loves to see beaches, then you’re in the right place. Go right into the country and check out the Shoal Bay, Meads Bay and Rendezvous Bay where you’ll surely find beautiful resorts and great restaurants. Feel like having a picnic, no problem! The beaches are ideal for just that – with enough space for the kids to run around. Take a walk to a bakery nearby while packing your own picnic to purchase sandwiches, wraps and the like for a great picnic lunch. Stop by a restaurant and pick up a perfect bottle of wine or champagne! If you wish to stay active, test your hands (and feet as well) on some water sports, kite surfing lessons and paddle boarding.


The Montserrat is the overall safest in the entire Caribbean; with its last murder recorded back in the year 2008. It is known as the Emerald isle of the Caribbean because of its geographical terrain and culture of its residents. A trip to this English territory is definitely an adventure. It is an island blooming with rainforests and volcanic mountains, especially those of the Soufriere Hills. One remarkable thing about this place is the devastation it has suffered over the years, yet still a region of excellent beauty and breathtaking sights. See the Little Bay Beach in its totality and awesomeness. The waters are just great for swimming and also safe for the kids to play in. And if anyone is looking to escape the crowd or be isolated, scuba diving is a great excuse. Explore the reefs and wonder at the richness of the marine life. If you want another adventure during an adventure, you could go on hiking trails along the island, such as the Blackwood Allen trail which offers great views, and is just lengthy enough. Visit the Woodlands bay and have a great view of the whales. You could have a picnic too right on the beach.

In conclusion

There you go. Our top great picks for the ideal place among the Caribbean countries. But remember that in all you do, endeavor to apply sunscreen before stepping out to reduce the chances of a heat stroke, if temperatures are high. And also, take note that people who provide services on some islands are sometimes on “island time” where they do things slowly. A “good morning” or “good afternoon” should help you gain their attention immediately. Ensure to make important inquiries from the locals about the necessary precautions to take and also, steer clear of suspicious neighborhoods, dubious crowds and shady-looking persons to keep the family safe.

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