Can Travel Help You Live Greener?

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Those who are trying to live greener often wonder whether they should travel at all. It is, of course true that traveling does come at a cost to our environments. And some ways of traveling are certainly worse than others. Nonetheless, travel can be a good thing for those trying to live a more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. Travel can expand the mind and feed the soul. It can help you live greener in a range of different ways.

In this article, we will explore the different ways that travel can help you live greener. Read on to learn why travel could still be a good idea for you:

Travel Makes You Feel Closer to Nature, So You Want To Protect It

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Part of the challenge of living greener is finding the motivation you need to make hard decisions and change your way of life – sometimes in the most profound of ways. It can be difficult to change, and yet it will be easier if we find good reasons to do so. Many of us know intellectually what must be done. But sometimes we need an emotional connection to turn thought into action.

Travel helps us forge a closer connection to nature, and helps us to fully appreciate this beautiful planet we call home. By doing so, it can make us love it all the more. And the more we love something, the more inclined we are to want to protect it in everything that we do. Seeing the wonders of the world can give us the impetus we need to make the big changes that are necessary and try to transition to a low/ zero carbon world.

Travel Can Show You First Hand the Problems on Our Planet

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Sometimes, the push we need to change might involve not positive emotions, but negative ones. Travel can often allow us to see up close and personal the problems on our planet. We can see deforestation, the destruction of coral reefs or other marine ecosystems, arid areas decimated by climate change and land mismanagement, plastic pollution on beaches, in the ocean, and in rivers and lakes… and more.

Seeing the world’s problems for ourselves can help turn them from an abstract problem in our thoughts into a real-world issue. Seeing them in a real and tangible way can help inspire us and catalyze us into action. Sometimes, we have to see things for ourselves before we can really turn positive thought into positive action.

Travel Connects You With Eco-Warrior Super Heroes


One of the most positive and galvanizing things for those who are trying to live greener is meeting others who have been successful in doing the same. There are plenty of inspiring people and communities all over the world who are practicing what they preach and doing their part in providing solutions, rather than being part of the problems. Travel can allow you to meet these amazing people and learn lessons from them that you can then go back and apply in your own everyday life.

You might meet conservationists or scientists working to protect and enhance ecosystems around the globe. You might meet people growing food sustainably and organically, or people constructing homes in the greenest possible ways. You might meet campaigners and legislators who are trying to make things better. Travel can connect you with like-minded people, and open up possibilities for you to work with others to quite literally save humanity, and the other creatures who call our planet home.

Travel Can Help You Learn How to Grow Your Own FoodBarley field and sunset

One of the important skills that you could learn on your travels is how to grow your own food, ethically and organically. Travel can expose you to a wide range of practical solutions for sustainable food production, and thereby teach you lessons about the best solutions to apply where you live. Growing at least some of your own food is one of the best steps that you can take to move towards a greener way of life.

You could learn how to grow food in cities, in even the smallest of spaces. You could learn how suburban plots are being turned into edible forest gardens – sterile, unproductive lawns becoming abundant food growing spaces. You could discover how food is grown in communities – on green field or brown field sites, and how small-scale farmers are revolutionizing sustainable agriculture, in the field and even indoors. Seeing is often the best way to learn, and travel can allow you to see all the amazing food growing solutions out there for yourself.

Travel Can Teach You Self-Reliance Skills For Green Living


Travel can also be a way to foster self-improvement in a range of different ways. Leaving your comfort zone and trying new things on your travels can be a wonderful way to boost your confidence, and make you more capable of relying on your own skills and resources. Increasing your confidence about doing new things and becoming more comfortable with change will definitely help you as you change your life to live greener, and in a more sustainable way.

Travel can also help you learn a wide range of practical, self-reliance skills for green living. For example, you might learn not only about how to grow food but also how to cook and preserve it. You might learn how to navigate without modern technology, or how to build a campfire… there are a huge range of different green vacations and a wide variety of different lessons that might be learned.

The more you put into your green vacation, the more you will get back, and the more your trip could give you that will help you live greener once you get back home.

Author of our ‘green’ articles is Elizabeth Waddington – a professional writer and a consultant on topics related to permaculture, sustainability, green living and eco travel.

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