Breidavik, Iceland – Area Description, the Beach and Bird Watching

Breidavik, Iceland

Breidavik is a beautiful small area situated at Latrabjarg, which is just at the corner of the westernmost part of Iceland (and Europe too). However, what draws visitors to this amazing place is not the weatherboard church or the group of houses; but the amazingly wide area of white sand beach on the settlement.

Breidavik Island can be found in the rural region of Raudisandur which is situated in the Vestur Barðastrandarsýsla County. Raudisandur is a grassy settlement that can be found on the southern coastal region of the county. However, the landscape on the Island of Breidavik is somewhat varied with light-colored beaches and deep crevices. The Breidavik Island is situated in between Kollsvik and Latravik and a small settlement known as Patreksfjörður which is just about 50 km away.

Breidavik on the map:

Another settlement known as Örlygshöfn can also be found at the southern part of the island. This settlement has a community center, a shop, a garage, a school, and some farmsteads. People coming to this Island on a ferry usually have to arrive at “Baldur” which can be found at Brjánslækur which is located at Barðaströnd. This can be found about 80 km from the island of Breidavik.

Breidavik beach

Considered by a lot of people to be the most beautiful beach in Iceland; when you see it, it is not hard to see the reason why. The settlement is situated on a meadow and surrounded by the huge increasing mass of glacier-carved cliffs that can be found in Bjarnamurpur and the aquamarine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This incredible beach is very enormous and covers a huge spread of land even though we can sometimes find a mountain stream along the way moving down to the sea.

Breidavik beach

It is very uncommon to meet another person when moving around the large expanse of this beach. However, if you are to meet another person by chance, it will most likely be during the middle of the summer. Most of the people that can be found on this way are people that are just stopping off on their way to the famous Latrabjarg bird cliffs. This is mainly because of the fact that Breidavik is far off the beaten track. The Latrabjarg bird cliffs are very famous for the millions of gannets, razorbills, puffins, and guillemots that can be found here.

One of the things that make this particular beach unique when compared to all the other beaches in Iceland is the fact that the sands on this beach are golden.

This sand color gives the beach an ambiance that separates it from the other beaches in Iceland. When you are looking at it in bright weather, it looks very similar to a tropical landscape. Not far away from the shore of this beach, we will find a church and there is also a wide range of accommodation options for visitors that come to this beach.

Bird watching

This beach is an ideal place of vacation for people that like to watch birds. This beach is a great spot to see about a million birds form about twelve different species that feed and live near the beach. One of these species of bird include the puffins who can be seen on the beach sometime around May to August.

Puffin bird watching at Latrbjarg and Breidavik, Iceland

The city of Latrbjarg has a length of about 14 km and a cliff that is about 440 meters high full of various species of bird. This town is just about 12 km away from Breidavik. Due to the relatively short distance between these two places, Breidavik has become a common place to stay if you are visiting Latrabjarg. This town is mostly visited by bird-watching enthusiasts and photographers.

This is the perfect place for people that are looking to enjoy the beauty of nature or just to get away from the daily stress of life in cities.

One of the main reasons why the Breidavik resort is a great place fo stay is because of the Latrabjarg bird cliff which allows visitors to take pictures of puffins that are near. If you are even lucky, you might just be able to touch them but you have to be very careful on this cliff as it is very easy to fall off it. Breidavik beach has golden sand with s length that extends for more than 5 km. Its winding streams, sand and dunes and the species of bird that can be watched are some of what makes this place incredible.

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