Bon Voyage Gifts Ideas for Those, Who Love to Travel or Cruise

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If someone you know is setting off on their travels, you may wish to give them a bon voyage gift to show them that you care, and to show that you will be thinking of them while they are away. There are plenty of gifts that you could consider, but perhaps a hand-made gift could be the most personal and thoughtful option. It could also be the greenest choice. To inspire you to give the best bon voyage gift you can, here are five thoughtful, home-made or personalized gift ideas to choose from.

A Personalized Travel Journal

Someone who is setting off on their travels may well appreciate a gift that allows them to record their experiences. A travel journal can be a great bon voyage gift. You could easily create a new, personalized cover for a travel journal or notepad, to personalize the gift for your friend or relative. You might even be able to make your own recycled paper for an extra-special hand-crafted gift.

A Home-Made Toiletries Case

If you have some sewing skills, you could consider making a toiletries case from old fabrics. Though it won’t cost much, this could be a truly special, personal bon voyage gift. What is more, this is another small, easily transported gift that could also be a practical item for them to take with them on their travels.

A Hand-Dyed or Hand-Printed Bandana

Another small gift that they could take with them on their travels is a hand-dyed or hand-printed bandana. A bandana can be an incredibly useful thing to have when traveling, and can find a wide range of uses. By personalizing such an item, you can make it a very thoughtful bon voyage gift.

A Personalized Reusable Water Bottle

Those with an interest in the environment will know that plastic is a big problem in today’s world. Giving your friend or relative a reusable water bottle will make it easier for them to avoid disposable plastic while they are away, and help them stay healthy and hydrated wherever they go. You could make such a gift more personal with the addition of their name, a personal message, inspiring motto or an image that will mean something to them.

A Hand-Crafted Keepsake Box

A bon voyage gift does not necessarily have to be something that they can take away with them on their travels. It could be something that they can enjoy when they get back home. Since it can sometimes be a challenge to find space in baggage for everything you need on your travels, it might be more thoughtful not to add strain to cases or backpacks that are already straining at the seams. One cool gift idea for travelers is a hand-crafted wooden keepsake box, which they can leave at home and use to keep mementoes from their adventures when they come back home.

These are just some ideas that you could consider when thinking of thoughtful bon voyage gifts for your friends and relations (or him and her) who are heading off for an adventure. What are your favorite travel gifts? 

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    • Hi Grace! It is a very popular travel gift now and sold out fast, but before you buy one for somebody or yourself read reviews and make sure places are separated well enough. For example, you may want states in the USA to have borders. It makes sense to scratch off only the states you have been in, instead of the whole country. Same about traveling to Russia or China, that’s a lot to scratch off 🙂 This is why I still did not start my scratch off map, though I have one 🙂

  1. The best bon voyage gift ideas come from travels. I always get some gifts for my family and friends on my trips and give them out on different occasions.


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