Best Time To Visit Oregon Wine Country (Willamette Valley)

Oregon Wine Country

The Oregon Wine Country is also called the Willamette Valley, located in a 150 mile long valley in the state of Oregon. It is a world famous wine destination. It has got over 500 wineries, and is famous especially for the Pinot Noir. The best time to visit the Wine Country is during the wine crush season and during summer time.

Seasons In The Willamette Valley

Wine Crush Season: Also referred to as ‘Harvest Season’ the wine crush season is the time of the year when winemakers decide that the grapes are mature, ripe and ready to be plucked after a successful growing season. The wine crush time of the year at Willamette valley usually begins in late September and continues till early or Mid November. This season, you’ll notice the crews picking the ripe fruit and truck beds, forming little dots on the vineyard’s landscape. However, note that the best time to visit the wine country is to a large extent dependent on your weather preferences, and what you wish to experience.


From March till May constitute springtime in Oregon. Temperatures range between 75.7°F and 54.7°F, with the warmer temperatures in late spring months. Rainfall occurs about four to nine times a month. Spring is often rainy, but it is also a season that the locals love to visit the wineries. This season the locals seem to take advantage of the tourist off season to enjoy the new wines in a peaceful serenity before the activities return in the summer. In May, seasonal activities kickoff, popularly named the ‘Oregon Wine Month’. Parts of the activities include the 100-backpack giveaway at designated restaurants. These backpacks contain gift certificates, wine goodies and chances to win tickets to the upcoming spring and summer events. Its several distinct wineries all take part in the 100-backpack giveaway, with T-shirts, water bottles, glasses, and other presents given off.


Summer kicks in from June till August. And like a typical summer, the sun ascends high and bright in the sky (bright sunlight is not common in the city of Oregon), and its warmth present the best time to go hiking trails, or glide along the river in a kayak. Temperatures are at their highest, with the hottest time of the year in Mid August at 88.5° high daily, and at night dropping to 55.5°F. Adventure seekers would love the hiking availability and kayaking that this season brings as there is very little rain this season (about once or twice per month). Basically, summertime in the Oregon Wine Country is one of the best time to visit, and can be described in one word – idyllic! Wineries seem to fling their doors to their tasting rooms open at this time of the year, with vineyard tours and outdoor festivals also available. Look out for the winery concerts, tasting excursions by bicycles, horseback winery tours, and picnics. Vines are heavy with ripened grapes fully succulent and matured, and winemakers are available to chat with visitors during the down times between planting, harvesting, storing, and bottling. August is its peak tourist season so accommodations may cost more than the usual.


Fall begins after summer, from September to November, bringing with it, leaf peeping, pumpkin patches and brisk country air – a hiker’s delight. Daily temperatures range from 84.8°F to about 50.2°F. Later in November or early December, the rains start and continues till the next summer. Peak color season is from late September to Mid October. This is the harvest or wine crush season, and the vineyard owners are engrossed in their business, but most wineries remain open. Autumn activities such as grape stomps and grape picking at designated vineyards are even sponsored by the vineyard owners.


After the fall season, Oregon is cast into shades of grey, green and brown, a nice color combination for the locals. This time of the year, the weather may seem too cold for warm weather travelers and tourists. Temperature highs reach 55.3°F and 46.3°F. Snow occurs a few times in a month, usually between 7 – 9 times. Tourism is largely slow this season. If sturdy galoshes and ample Goretex are your interests, then you might like a winter visit in late January during the Oregon Truffle Festival.

Things To Note

  • Take a light jacket or sweater for your trip. Something handy when visiting Oregon.
  • Take sunglasses, sturdy shoes, and a hat. The valley is blessed by nature with beautiful scenery, and this is important if you want to catch a great view without worrying about the sunlight.
  • If you love to come during the winter or fall season, take some rubber boots and waterproof wears with you.

Whenever you decide to go on a tasting tour to the Wine Country, some factors should be considered, such as the time of the year your favorite wine is produced and your preferred weather, in order to have a great personal experience.

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