Best Time To Visit Moab, Utah – Weather and Climate Information

Moab, Utah

Moab, is a city located in the state of Utah, in the United States. Its weather can be described as temperate when compared to the other tourist destinations worldwide. The best time to visit this city is mainly in spring, summer, or early fall, between the months of March and October.

Peak Tourist Seasons

Fom March 15 lasting till September and October constitute the peak tourist season(s) in Moab, Utah. It usually gets intense during spring and summer seasons. Hotel prices are known to skyrocket during these months, but can be easily handled, if you book your accommodations in advance.

Weather And Climate Information

In Moab, average temperature values vary widely.

Precipitation: If you are travelling to catch up with a dry weather, then you would like to come here during the months of March, June and January. The times of the year with the lowest form of precipitation whatsoever, are between late May to early June. Chances of rain or snow are very minute. For Moab, however, weather stations report no annual snow.

Humidity: Some months are humid in Moab, while some others are very dry. The most humid month of the year is in January, having a 64.6% relative humidty, while the least of them all in terms of humidity is June, with a relative humidity of 10.8%.

Wind: The windiest months in Moab are April, May and June.

Spring:(#1 Best Time)

Spring begins in the month of March and lasts till May. The cold this season is moderate, due to the combined action of humidity and temperatures. This is a great period for tourism and tourists (the second busiest season), especially for those looking for things to do and activities to take part in. Beginning from March till May, temperature highs range from 87oF and 52.2oF, and warmer temperatures in the months after. This is the right place and time to have a great experience of Utah’s spectacular scenery, with bursts of desert wildflowers I Arches National Park, and bright green foliage in the La Sal Mountains. In late April, activities pick up, and tour companies and businesses begin operating. Outdoor oriented events also kickoff – Moab Rocks Bike Race, Skinny Tire Festival, and Rally-on-the-rocks off road vehicle gathering. Lightweight layers of clothing are appropriate, especially during the day, and a light jacket is okay for the nights. In the month of March, it is quieter and cooler. Take a warm jacket, and hat with gloves if you’re coming in early March, to be comfortable during the transition between winter and spring.

Summer(#2 Best Time)

Summer begins from June in Moab, lasting till August, bringing along the highest temperatures of the year that are still quite warm, with stable weather. If you want to catch Moab’s warmest season, this is the perfect time. Summer provides dry and comfortable heat, due to a nearly complete lack of humidity. Lodging and accommodation costs more during these middle-year months, because it is the busiest tourist season in Moab. As usual, you can beat this by booking your accommodations in advance. Rainfall is scarce too – occurring about one to three days every month. Temperature highs in June reach 98.2oF during the day, while at night, it drops down to 17.5o, making it the hottest month. Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated while you go on hiking trips, biking tours, and enjoy the sunshine. Light, breathable clothes are okay too for the evenings. It is the time of the year when families on school breaks arrive for a trip, and Moab’s tour companies are fully in business this season, too. If you’re coming with family, you can ride Jeeps across the Red Rock, Mountain Bike, hike, raft, rock-climb, and see the dinosaur tracks at the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park. Nihtlife is available, too, and you can meet with bikers from all over the world in the evenings at The Ghost Bar or Woody,s Tavern.


Fall season in Moab is between September and November. Temperatures range between 89.5oF and 47.7oF. This season is fairly comfortable, especially when factors such as wind and humidity are considered. Precipitation is still normal – once or twice a month for rain and snow. This season, tour companies and businesses are still fully active and running at full steam, but it is not as intense when compared with springtime or summer.


Winter kicks in from December till February. Temperature highs this season are between 52.2oF and 27.9oF. Snows and rainfall occur scarcely too, about once or twice every month. Winter season are usually slow and relatively dull for tourism, as tourists are more unlikely to visit during winter. This makes it the least expensive month. If you’re looking to enjoy the wilderness in peace, you might want to come this time.

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