Best Time To Visit Luray Caverns (Northern Virginia, VA)

Luray Caverns Virginia

A well known cave system discovered at about 1878, Luray Caverns is located in Luray, Virginia and attracts as much as 500,000 tourists and visitors annually. The cave system features several wonders of nature including underground springs, stalagmites, stalactites, mud flows flow stones and other stone variations in spectacular natural hues, and beautiful columns. The best time to visit, is during the fall or autumn season. Summer is great too, but usually more crowded with visitors and tourists.

The best time of year to visit Luray Caverns

In Luray Caverns, the air within and outside the caves is clear and crispy, and the weather is usually described as chilly above ground. Temperature within the caverns is kept at a constant 54oF all year round. In the town of Luray, however, rain falls throughout the year, especially in April and May. Wet season is between April and August 28, while dry season begins September and ends in March. Rain occurs throughout the year in Luray.


Spring season from March till May is great in Virginia, and especially Luray. It is characteristic of a relatively warmer weather when compared to winter, but the temperature within its caverns are still constant at 54oF. Its events beginning in March brings more life to the caves and the town, and there are arrays of accommodations, nearby attractions, and places of historical significance alongside the festivals. The entire community comes together to celebrate its musicians, artisans and entrepreneurs during its festivals, especially that of the Festival of Spring Concert. You can relax in the wine gardens of Luray and sample varietals while taking in the performances.


Take advantage of your summer holidays by going on a trip to Virginia’s magnificent underground caverns, while enjoying its events and outdoor activities it has to offer. You get to admire and appreciate the scenic geological wonders at constant temperature of 54oF and humidity, completely unaffected by summer’s heat. The town called Luray is a magnificent aspect of the state of Virginia, but its wonders are hidden underground – Wishing Well, Dream Lake, and other breathtaking subterranean stuff to see would actually make your summer vacation worthwhile.


Yes, the temperatures have began their usual drops between September and November’s autumn, and that is a sign that something magical yet usual in nature is about to happen. Colors during the fall are amazing and the experience from Luray is one of the best. Mountainsides change to a beautiful crimson red and golden color, due to the drops of leaves from their trees. Luray caverns is not to be missed this season as this is ranked no.1 best time to visit. Explore the several miles of scenic drives – the Skyline drive, and others that meander through the Blue Ridge Mountains and foothills of the Shenandoah and enjoy the colors around you. Fall discoveries also await your adventures in the quaint towns including Shenandoah Valley. Check out the Mimsly in too, where you’ll find colorful tree lines creeping down to you from the mountainsides. At higher elevations the Fall colors begin, then continues downwards as the valley begins to turn, hence making the fall season last longer than most.


Wintertime is lovely at Luray Caverns. Most of the services are closed between December and February, nevertheless the park stays open, and those who visit get to enjoy lots of extraordinary, breathtaking views. Woodland and cave animals – squirrels, deer, turkeys, even foxes and bobcats are available, and tourists get to see them as they scurry and search for food. The Crystal Palace is another landmark – a time this season that describes when the water drops begin to form ice little by little, and the trees get wrapped in it. Even the caves all seem glassy, and the reflections of light are summarized in one word: lovely. Luray caverns would make a reat winter outing for the family, as it maintains a constant 54o year round, with a high relative humidity.

The best time of the week to visit Luray Caverns

The best time to visit Luray caverns is during the weekdays – it helps you avoid crowds and gives you a more pleasant experience while allowing you capture some beautiful photos of it.

Working hours

Luray caverns has got a breathtaking cavern system with nice and great tours, being one of the largest in the United States. It never closes at any season; it is open all year round, and this shows that majority of the year (especially beginning from March or April when its events kickoff), is the best time to visit. Its opening hours during the day are detailed below. Tours begin at 9am.

  • Open from 9am till 6pm between April 1 and June 14.
  • Open from 9am till 7pm between June 15 and Labor Day
  • Open from 9am till 6pm from Labor day till October 31
  • Open from 9am till 5pm during weekends between November 1 and March 31, and weekdays from 9am till 4pm.

Key events at Luray Caverns throughout the year

  • Page County Restaurant Week happening from March 25 to March 22
  • Home School Week at Luray Caverns happening from March 16 till March 21
  • Festival of The Arts happening between May 1 and May 03
  • Luray Downtown Chicken ChowDown on May 25
  • Downtown Get Down on June 20
  • Town of Luray 4th of July Celebration on July 4.
  • International Triathlon and Sprint Triathlon
  • Page Valley Fair
  • Luray Half Marathon and 5k
  • Sunflower Festival on September 12
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Mundurance o September 26
  • Page County Heritage Festival on October 10 and 11
  • Shop Small in Downtown Luray for Small business Saturday on November 28
  • Luray Christmas Tree Lighting

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