Best Time To Visit Longwood Gardens (Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA)

Longwood Gardens (Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA)

The Longwood Gardens is a beautiful arena of nature, one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States. You can easily find it on the outside of downtown Philadelphia, in the suburb of Kennett Square, Brandywine Valley (Pennsylvania, USA).

Best Times To Visit; During The Day and Week

It is best to be present in the Longwood Gardens especially on Thursdays and Sundays, during the evening time. You could enjoy a great dinner with friends at the 1906 Fine Dining restaurant.

During these evenings, the garden’s fountain hosts its star attraction: an illuminated fountain show which lasts for about 30 minutes, beginning from 9:15pm (21:15). The fountain show in this garden might just be the most impressive one you can find when compared to the others in the country. And knowing this, everyone wants to be there in order to take the best spots for viewing – so you might want to be early. Look at the fountains as they dance – it features over 1719 jets shooting water droplets sky-high (up to about 175 feet). It is grossly amazing, watching the fountains dance, seeing the color change, and water topped with fire, all in the twilight.

The fountain shows are performed about 5 times a day for a duration of about 12 minutes. And on its website they suggest that every visitor should spend at least three and a half to five hours at the garden. That said, the best time to visit is in the evenings.

Best Time To Visit During The Year

Technically, there can be no bad times of the year for visiting Longwood gardens. It is always magnificent being at such a place, especially as it remains open 365 days in a year. But when is the perfect time…the best time to visit?

The best time to visit this lovely place are during the holidays, or between the months of April and October, when its activities, concerts, performances and festivals are on. During these times of the year are when the fireworks’ display, and ‘Wine and Jazz’ festivals begin. It is especially lovely during Christmas time, just a bit more thematic and cold. So due to Winter’s low temperatures, you would most likely not be witnessing any fountain display. But there are much more awesome stuff to be seen in such an awesome place.

Visiting Longwood Gardens at Christmas Time

If you think the displays at Longwood Gardens during Christmas time are just wonderful, wait till you see the display for the following year’s Christmas. It changes every year, bringing in new and incredible displays each season. Plus, you’ll get to see the festive lights of Christmas scattered all over the Meadow garden and other garden’s treehouses. Christmas trees float on its lakes, while Christmas music plays audibly in the background.

A lovely sight indeed; strolling in the dark, watching the lights illuminate the entire garden, giving its visitors, patrons and you, a wonderful experience. And if you live in Pennsylvania, be aware that visiting Longwood  Gardens is one of the most Christmassy things you can do during Yuletide. However, you may need some guidelines for visiting during this period:

  1. Make arrangements to your schedule, so you’ll arrive around 3pm(15:00). It helps you evade the cold temperatures of the late evening while helping you stay ahead of the crowds.
  2. Ensure to purchase your tickets in advance. You may have to wait a few extra hours if you’re purchasing tickets on site, seeing as Longwood offers timed entries.
  3. Put on extra layers of clothing. This is usual, considering the time of the year.
  4. Book your dinner reservations in advance. Ensure to make your reservations in advance if you are dining on site at the 1906 dining area. This is important, to enable you beat long queues in the cold just to pick up a chocolate or snack.

Best Seasons For Visiting The Longwood Gardens

April. The period of the year known as spring when the plants begin to spring up and bloom; seems just about the perfect time to visit a garden. The gardeners at Longwood cultivate different colors of tulips; yellow, red, pink, green and many others in over 200,000 bulbs that bloom and hue up the entire place, making it seem like a mini-heaven. It’s gentle airs and atmosphere is at its freshest at this time of spring in April and May.

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