Best Time To Visit Key Largo, Florida

Sunset in Key Largo, Florida

Located in the upper Florida keys in the state of Florida, the Key Largo is the longest island in the Keys. It is bordered on the West by Florida Bay and the Everglades National Park backcountry and on the East by the Atlantic. The best time to visit Key Largo, is during the months of December, January, February and March.

Key Largo: Peak Tour Season

The time of the year between December and March constitute the peak tour season in Key Largo. Its best time to visit coincides with its best weather. What draws tourists the most at this time of the year is the Key Largo and Islamorada Food and Wine Festival which happens in January, and is one of its biggest parties. Hotel and accommodation rates spike too, but this can be taken care of by booking in advance. It is usually warm and dry this time, with lots of crowds and high (or higher) hotel prices. For the tourists who prefer water sports, they usually arrive during the summer season.

Key Largo: Weather and Climate Information

In Key Largo, low rainfall or dry weather months are especially December, January and March with the lowest chances of rain or snow in the month of January. The time of the year with the highest precipitation is September, with up to 3 days chance of average significant precipitation in its first or second week (at least the sunshine state enjoys a fair share of precipitation). Its average temperatures may vary just a bit. More than half of the year the temperature is high and hot, with fair chances of precipitation. Compared to other tourist destinations worldwide, it can be described as temperate. Hottest times of the year include the summer months of July, August, and Fall’s September. Warmest month among them all is August. The wet season lasts for four months precisely, between May 21 and October 13, while the drier season lasts for 7 months, beginning October 13 to May 21.


Spring kicks in from March and lasts till May. Temperature highs range from 86.7°F to 78.1°F. Rainfall occurs frequently, with about 3 to 7 days of precipitation in a month. The warmer temperatures of spring come in April and May, and March is usually one of the busiest for tourism. If you’re looking forward to activities and adventures, early spring is a great time to arrive, as you can experience the outdoors to the maximum and enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, eco-tours, with maritime museums and underwater hotels to see. Beaches and nature trails aren’t left out, they are fully available, with even a rehabilitation center for wild birds.


From the months of June till August, rainfall and daily temperatures are pretty high, with fairly comfortable weather. In Key Largo, August is one of its slowest tourism months, and lodgings cost slightly lower. The seawater is at its warmest in August, and average sea temperatures at 86.7°F. This temperature is deemed unpleasant, and is not favorable for swimming and other related activities, as the cooling effect of the water is absent. The locals, however, might say that key Largo is just lovely during the summer, as all the tourists have gone home and the workers there aren’t being pushed to the limit.


Fall starts in September and lasts till November. This season usually brings an increased risk of hurricanes, especially in August, September and October. Tourists hardly come around in the month of November, as it is its slowest tour season. The advantages of this is that the hotel prices are cheapest this month. The daily temperatures peak ay 89.4°F and 79.4°F which, considered the wind and humidity, are nice and comfy. Fall sees about 4 to 12 days of rains in a month. It is usually considered to be one of the least best time to visit Key Largo.


As usual, winter comes in December and goes in late February. Rains occur about 2 to 4 times in a month, and December makes a busy season for tourism too. Daily temperatures peak at 79.1°F and 75.5°F. The sunshine state lives up to its name this season, as chilly weather rarely occurs. At nights, temperatures are warm, dropping down to 59°F and lesser than 40°F in January. This occurs because the Keys are generally situated in a subtropical region, close to the Gulf Stream and Gulf of Mexico. The tropical-maritime climate is predominant, so winter and summer temperatures would not differ significantly (more than 10°F) at the least. The winter season (although not your typical winter) is the best time to visit.

According to research and public opinion, the least favorable, or worst time to visit the Florida keys in general is during the rainy months of August, September and October.

Key Annual Events In Key Largo

Spring Events

  • St. Paddy’s Day Party (Islamorada) in March
  • Florida Keys Bicycle Poker Run in March
  • Marathon Seafood Festivals in March
  • Bay Jam Annual Outdoor Music Fest (Islamorada) in April
  • Florida Keys Island Fest (Islamorada) in April
  • Dolphins Plus’ Mother’s Day Celebration in May
  • Key Largo Original Music Festival in May.


  • Beer, Blues & Barbeque Festival in June
  • Cuban American Heritage Festival in June
  • Mini Lobster Season in July
  • July 4 Fireworks on Blackwater Sound in July
  • Underwater Music Festivals In July
  • Reef Crawl in August
  • Anything That Floats Race & Regatta in August
  • Start of Regular Lobster Season from August till March.


  • Key Largo and Islamorada Backcountry Roundup Fishing Tournament in September.
  • Key Largo Lionfish Derby in September
  • Key Largo Brewfest in September
  • Humphrey Bogart Movie Festival in October
  • Fantasy Fest in October
  • Boot Scooting Backyard Barbeque in November.
  • Superboat International World Championship Race in November


  • Islamorada Sailfish Tournament in December
  • Florida Keys Holiday Festival in December
  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks display on Blackwater Sound in December
  • Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival in January.
  • Key Largo Rotary’s Brew on the Bay Craft Beer Festival
  • Uncorked Food and Wine Festival in January
  • Baygrass Bluegrass Festival in January, Annual Beach Luau in January.
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