Best Time To Visit Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles, California)

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California

The Griffith Observatory is a public observatory facility in Los Angeles. It is located on the south-facing slope of Mont Hollywood at the Griffith Park in Los Angeles. It is an extraordinary tourist attraction, giving viewers and visitors a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica to the west, downtown LA to the Southeast, and the rest of the city to the south. The best time to visit the Griffith Observatory park is during the day, between 1.30 – 2:30pm.

A visit to the observatory and park costs nada; completely free of charge, unless you wish to watch its live planetarium show, which you will have to pay for, through purchase of some tickets for about $11. As said above, daytime is the best time to visit the observatory, especially during the week, from Wednesdays till Sunday. Visiting within this time will get you a great opportunity to observe the scientific displays and space exhibits in the observatory. This arena is meant for anyone who’s interested in science, the solar system, or anyone that just wants to view the serenity and beauty of Los Angeles.

When is the best time to visit Griffith Observatory?

You might want to ask, “What time of the year should I visit?” The time of the year is not supposed to be a visiting factor, but it is. The site gets filled with crowds during the holidays, and in the summer; because not only people from Los Angeles are there, but people from all over the world who are fascinated by science and its wonders.

Late in the day, the science park is usually opened, and this is done probably for those who would love or prefer a nighttime view of Los Angeles through telescopes (for free, of course) and wouldn’t have to wait too long for nightfall.

One of the challenges faced by visitors to the Observatory, is that of parking space; finding a decent area to park with lots of visitors occupying the entire place gets difficult sometimes. Sometimes, visitors even end up leaving their cars as far as a fifteen minute walk away. In order to beat this challenge, you can head over to the site early during the day, when they are newly opened, which is around late afternoon or early morning. One good solution might be to park along the Western Canyon road. It normally costs some cash, but not to worry, it isn’t expensive. The parking lot may be free at the time that there is no Greek Theater Concert, and no concert means no crowd. A good way to avoid the parking levy, but still a bit far from the observatory though.

What You Can Enjoy At The Observatory

  • The nighttime view of Los Angeles, for starters, is one of the many things. You can do this with the telescopes and other gadgets which you might have even thought not to exist.
  • Weighing balances, are assigned to each planet in the Galaxy, and this means you can find out your weight if you were in Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus or Mercury.
  • All kinds of fun, informative stuff about astronomy you most likely aren’t aware of are going to be at your disposal, so you might want to brace up for this.
  • Aside the observatory, there are several other attractions to keep you busy; the Hollywood sign, Autry Museum of the American West, and the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
  • With over 4200 acres, Griffith Park features up to 50 miles of trails for your leisure activities such as hiking, horseback riding, biking, and campgrounds for the family. Several companies offer guided hikes too, if you want to be on your own.

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