Best Time to Visit Gibbs Gardens, Georgia

Gibbs Gardens, Georgia

Gibbs Gardens are a breathtaking haven of flora located in North Georgia, around one hour north of Atlanta. The Manor House Gardens and Valley Gardens are a favorite spot for nature lovers and can be fun for the whole family. These varied gardens offer something for everyone, and a range of different floral tastes will be catered for as you explore the various different areas of planting. The best time of year to visit Gibbs Gardens is spring, but let’s see what all the seasons have to offer.

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Gibbs Gardens in Spring

Though Gibbs Gardens can be beautiful at any time of the year, it is perhaps in spring that the blooms are at their most glorious. It is during spring that you can catch the Daffodil festival, the cherry bloom colorfest and dogwood colorfest in the gardens. Later in spring, as summer approaches, the azaleas come out, and the rhododendrons enjoy their brief couple of weeks in bloom. Hydrangeas, roses and waterlilies also begin to bloom.

Gibbs Gardens in Summer

Of course, many of the later spring flowers mentioned above will continue to be in bloom throughout the whole summer. Breathtaking day lilies will be another attraction at this time of the year, as will the crape myrtle. Of course, summer is a time of abundance and excess in many gardens, and there is a profusion of color in the form of annual and perennial flowering plants to enjoy.

Gibbs Gardens in Fall

By fall, some of the summer color and abundance will inevitably have begun to fade. But that does not mean that there is not still plenty of interest here in Gibbs Gardens. At this time of the year you can see the maples colorfest, the beautiful wildflower colorfest, and the Monet waterlily colorfest too. There are also often some special arts and music events to attend during the shoulder seasons.

Gibbs Gardens in Winter

Even as fall begins to fade into winter, the gardens still have some delights to offer before they close for the season. Do not forget, the gardens will feel very different during the tail end of the season and just when the gardens first open than they do during peak summer times, when there are much larger crowds.

In Conclusion

No matter when you decide to visit these gardens, you will find that there is always plenty to delight the eye and to enchant the other senses. To see all the gardens you should allow at least 3-4 hours for your visit. Note that the gardens are not open on Mondays, and are also closed on Tuesdays between June 1st and December 8th. The gardens are open from 16th February to December 8th or thereabouts each year.

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