Best Time to Visit Filoli Gardens (Woodside, California)

Filoli Gardens in the best time of the year

When is the best time to visit Filoli Gardens? The answer is Spring. But what about the other seasons? How does it look like in Summer, Fall and Winter? The answer to this question and other useful information is provided in this article.

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Filoli is a grand country house set in 16 acres of formal gardens on a 654 acre estate in Woodside, California, just 25 miles to the south of San Francisco. The house was made famous when its exterior was used in the popular television series,’Dynasty’ and the home and its gardens have also featured in a number of movies. Today, both house and gardens are open for public tours. They are visited by many people each year. But when is the best time of year to visit Filoli Gardens? This question is most definitely up for debate, and some would argue that it is beautiful throughout the year. www.

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Filoli Gardens in Spring

Native San Franciscans will often tell you that the best time to visit Filoli Gardens is the spring, when the spring flowers are in full bloom. This is certainly when the gardens are at their most colorful, with a beautiful array of blooms around Easter time. The floral gardens are certainly charming on a sunny spring day. But this is also Filoli’s busiest time. If you prefer to escape the crowds, then you may wish to visit during a different season.

Filoli Gardens in Summer

In summer, the flowers in Filoli’s formal gardens are still delightful. The sunny summer months are also a good time to walk the trails around the wider estate. A simple one mile loop walk will take you on a gentle stroll to enjoy the greenery and learn a little about the San Andreas Fault as you walk over the American and Pacific tectonic plates. But summer can be hot, so you should be sure to bring some water with you, and take plenty of breaks to relax in the shade.

Filoli Gardens in Fall

Perhaps my favourite time to visit the Filoli Gardens is the fall. Though the weather has begun to get colder, and the nights are drawing in, the visitor numbers have tailed off somewhat and the natural beauty can rival that of the spring and summer. While flower blooms are beginning to fade, the foliage takes over with glorious displays of fall colour and you can walk through crisp leaves between the flaming trees.

Filoli Gardens in Winter

While winter might not seem like the most obvious time to enjoy an outdoors attraction like Filoli gardens, there is still plenty here to make for an enjoyable visit during the coldest months. During the Christmas season, during Holidays at Filoli, the house and its gardens are beautifully lit and there the house tour includes stories of Christmas traditions held here for almost 60 years. There is holiday entertainment and a wine bar for parents, and if children are good, Santa and Mrs Claus might even put in an appearance. Even in mid winter, the gardens and estate also have a certain stark beauty, perfect for a crisp walk as long as you wrap up well.

When is the best time to visit Filoli Gardens will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. Each month has something special to offer.

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    1. March and April are the best months, especially if you come for tulips. Good thing – you can always check what is blooming out there on Filoli Garden’s official website.

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