Best Time To Visit Crater Lake National Park (Oregon, USA)

Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Crater lake is a miracle of nature, and a geological marvel. It is found in the South Central area of Oregon in the United States. The lake is America’s deepest; being a part of, and also the main feature of the Crater Lake National Park. Formed about seven millenniums ago by an intense volcanic eruption, it is famous for its deep blue hues and crystal-clear, awe-inspiring waters. The months of July, August and September constitute the perfect time of the year to pay a visit to the Crater lake National Park.

Best Time of The Year For A Visit To The Crater Lake

Yes, summer is definitely the best time to pay a visit to this natural wonder. Park roads, trails, and facilities within the Crater Lake National Park are usually fully open during the months of July, August, and September. And because of the transition between winter and summertime during the months of May and June much of the park may be inaccessible due to the lingering snow. Both snowstorms and sunshine can be severe this season. Nevertheless, a visit between May-June affords you the opportunity to hike in the snow…which reaches a height of about 44 feet, making it one of the snowiest regions of the United States.

Weather And Seasons


The Lake gives a superb treat to its visitors during the summer – blue skies, and deep blue waters, greeneries of plants and trees, with evening sunsets casting a golden glow on its waters. It is spectacular to be here at this time of the year, because of the plethora of recreational activities the summer brings to the park. Summer gets a late start, because halfway through the month of June, much of the park is still filled with snow. But in July, well into the summer months, visitors get to see the lake in its full and blue glory, and there is more availability of boat tours, ranger-led hikes, and dining. You can catch the Rim Drive this season in its 100% state. And using a boat tour, visitors can go on and explore the eerie islands on the lake such as Wizard island, and hike to its summit. During midsummer, rainfall, frost and snow are very meager.


The fall occurring in September is a great time to visit the park. Daily temperatures still average between 50° and 60°F. The days are clear too, with gentle breezes and optimum sunlight. In October, sunlight begins to thin out an go milder, as the cold arrives, boating as well as camping tours begin to round up.


The months of December, January and February constitute practically the worst time to visit the Lake. Talk about being in the right place at the wrong time. At this time of the year, winter is at its peak, with severe snowfalls and massive precipitation. Much of the rainfall at Crater Lake occurs during winter. Hiking trails, roads and campgrounds are closed this season, with the skies cloudy, gloomy with very little sunshine.

Winter sends about 45 feet of snow to the ground during its season, which begin to melt off in early June. Roads in the park are completely closed off and unavailable. However, Rim Village and Highway 62 are available all year round, but can still be closed off temporarily during severe snowy conditions. Depending on your love for snow sport, you may prefer coming to Crater Lake National Park during winter. Nevertheless, ensure to bring with you appropriate clothing layers, snowshoes. Also, check out the current conditions on their official site before you hit the road.

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