Best time to Visit Butchart Gardens (Victoria BC, Canada)

Butchart Gardens

Beautiful Butchart Gardens are a must-see attraction for nature and plant lovers throughout the whole year. These calming and lush gardens have been enchanting visitors for over one hundred years, here in Victoria, BC. Ever since Jennie Butchart envisioned turning a former quarry into this beautiful haven, these family-run gardens have been delighting all those who take the time to spend some time here.

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Butchart Gardens in Spring?

Some say that spring is the best time to visit this garden, as the freshness of spring is in the air and the spring flowers are in bloom. Flowers bloom here by their thousands in the spring months, and the blossoms in the Japanese garden are one of the highlights. In spring, you can expect to see favourites like daffodils and tulips in profusion, as well as some less-well-known delights.

Butchart Gardens in Summer?

Summer is undoubtedly peak season at the gardens, when they are, arguably, at their lushest and fullest. But while summer in the gardens is the time when the work of the dedicated, talented and hard-working gardeners here is shown off to great effect, it is also worthwhile considering how your experience will be altered by the crowds.

These gardens are beautiful all year round, but in July and August (peak season) more people come here than at any other time of year. This can make things more lively for some, but others may prefer to avoid the crowds and visit at a different time of the year.

Over the summer months, there are not only the gardens to enjoy. There are also summer fireworks and concerts from June 29th through August 31 and visitors can also enjoy boat rides and other attractions.

Butchart Gardens in Fall?

Fall is less crowded than summer and even than spring. But this can also be a wonderful time of the year to visit these spectacular gardens. Of course, fall is the time for a spot of leaf peeping and there are plenty of beautiful foliage tones to be seen throughout the gardens. The Japanese Gardens are also a highlight of this time of the year, with beautiful deep, rich tones to enjoy.

September through November, as the gardens become quieter, guests also have the chance to get a rare behind the scenes glimpse into some of the garden’s greenhouses.

Butchard Gardens in Winter?

Vancouver Island’s temperate climate means that there is much to enjoy here all year round. Even in winter you can take in the more subtle beauty of the garden’s flora – including beautiful snow drop displays early the year. In winter, the former Butchart Family residence also welcomes visitors inside.

There is also plenty going on around Christmas. The gardens could be a lovely place to enjoy the festive season. There are spectacular light displays, ice skating, carols, brass band, and all sorts of festive fare to get you into the right mood.

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