Best Time To Visit Asheville, NC – Seasons and Key Events

Biltmore, Asheville, NC

A historical landmark located in North Carolina, Asheville is ranked by usnews to be #2 best place to visit in North Carolina. It is also regarded as a city of colorful history, a land shielded off by the mountains. Between the months of March till May during springtime, and fall season from September till November, constitute the best time to visit the ‘Land of The Sky’.

Temperatures at these months are at an optimum range between 50o and 70oF, which is characteristic of a mild, temperate climate. Asheville’s weather can be said to have lots of ‘microclimates’. Due to its areas of high, low, and middle elevations, weather forecasts, and season information may contain details seeming to be at variance with each other, such as rain, average temperatures and snowfall. It is wet and partly cloudy nearly throughout the year, and its warmest month is July.

When is the best time to visit Asheville, NC?

Spring (#1 Best Time): Spring brings color, greenery and foliage back to Asheville, making it the best time and season to visit. It begins from March, and lasts till May. Weather this season is variable depending on several factors. At higher elevations, it could be snowy, especially in March, and at lower elevations, temperatures are mild. Late spring brings warmer temperatures, between 70o and 80oF. Warmer temperatures mean more people hiking the trails. This is Asheville’s peak tourist season, with more annual events occurring at this time. If you plan to catch up with these events, then ensure to book your accommodation and event tickets in advance.

Summer: Summer kicks in from between June and August in Asheville, bringing with it an increased humidity, which is still less intense when compared with other Southeast regions. This indicates that Asheville’s summer climate is cooler than other Southeast cities, making it a safe haven for travelers looking to escape summer’s heat. Humidity and warmth is increased this season, especially in the regions of lower elevation. Higher elevations offer an escape route from Summer’s heat, as they are relatively cooler with more breezes. In the afternoons, thunderstorms and downpours occur often, and it is usually hottest around July, with temperatures soaring above 90°F, with the evenings and nights much cooler.

Fall (#2 Best Time): Fall is another lovely time to visit the historic city. It is a beautiful season with clear days with optimum temperatures, cool, and sometimes cold nights. Fall gets intense from October till late November. Frosts begin to occur in late October or early November, with freezing nighttime temperatures. Peak fall colors sometimes last till Thanksgiving, usually longer than six weeks. The colors and foliage are the main highlight of the fall season. Be informed, too, that hotel rates tend to peak this season with an increased rate of traffic.

Winter: Winter throws in chilly low temperatures, as it should, between the months of December and February, sometimes lasting up till march, in the city of Asheville. The mountains surrounding this city are often snowcapped, but the city itself doesn’t get to enjoy much snowfall. Winter season is chillier in Asheville, when compared with other Southeast cities, But not to worry, ski resorts are available, of course, to ensure you get the best of the winter season. You would like to come this season to its mountains if you love snow sports such as skiing, tubing, boarding, or just enjoy sitting around a crackling fire. Also partly due to its relatively lesser snowfall, Asheville doesn’t hold much activity during winter, which means less crowds and cheaper prices.

Things to do in spring & fall seasons

  • See the wildflowers in their full bloom during spring and appreciate the color blend.
  • Go on city tours such as Hood tours, Biltmore Village tours, sidewalk Segway, or Lazoom comedy tours. Great for first timers. Or take some time off with you and yourself alone, along the WNC cheese, or Asheville urban trail. And simply explore the city’s intriguing past. An adventure within an adventure.
  • Hike the mountains and enjoy the sweltering humidity and enjoy the cool breezes of North Carolina.
  • Visit the sunset spots and enjoy the cascading rays of the twilight and sunset.

Key events in Asheville throughout the year

  • Biltmore Blooms (March – May)
  • Spring LEAF Festival (May)
  • Montford Music & Arts Festival (May)
  • Mountain Sports Festival (May)
  • Brevard Blues N’ BBQ Festival (June)
  • Beer City Festival (June)
  • Biltmore Concert Series (July – August)
  • Mountain Dance & Folk Festival (August)
  • Jam in the Trees (August)
  • Goombay Festival (September)
  • Christmas at Biltmore (November – early January)

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