Best Time to Trek in Nepal, Season Rating

Trekking in Nepal, bridge and a trail

If you’ve decided to take a trip to Nepal, there is no specific time to trek. It depends on an individual. Everyone has their preference, and there are a lot of factors that come in to play when you are going to trip. You have to consider how long you are going to trek, your heat, cold and rain tolerance level as well as your schedule. In Nepal, it’s possible to undertake trekking throughout all the four seasons of the year since each has different attractions to offer.

# 1 is Autumn (September, October, November)

Most people consider the autumn season the best for trekking in Nepal due to the moderate temperatures and clear skies as well, which provide outstanding views. You will be treated to excellent weather and beautiful mountain views which make it a great time to have a day time trek. Take note that you may experience some occasional short storms that may bring about snow at high altitudes.

# 2 is Spring (March, April, May)

We all have different preferences. For people looking for warm temperatures, spring provides the best season to trek in Nepal. Take note that if you decide to trek early spring, you’ll experience mild temperatures. This makes trekking in the lower Annapurna region delightful, for instance. The best thing with trekking in spring is that not only does the season bring with it the sun and warmer temperatures but it also comes with a blossoming wild flora which provides the landscape with a vibrant and radiant texture.

# 3 is Winter (December, January, February)

Most people opt to trek during this season due to the occasional snowfall that is experienced at higher elevations in the Himalayas. However, if you are considering to trek during the winter, you should keep in mind that climbing and crossing high passes trip might not be convenient.

# 4 is Summer (June, July, August)

Summer may not be the best time to trek in Nepal, especially from late May to mid-September due to the monsoon winds. During that time there are high temperatures, sometimes considerable rain and often uncomfortable conditions brought about by the monsoon. Regardless you can still trek in Nepal during the summer from June to August. During this time trekking in the Indian Himalaya and Ladakh is quite satisfying since you will enjoy a dry climate with clear skies and uninterrupted views of gorgeous scenery.

In Conclusion

Nepal provides one of the world’s best trekking destinations, and it’s up to an individual to choose the best season that suits their needs. However, before you begin your trip, you need to know the perfect destination to avoid making mistakes that will ruin your adventure. The last thing you need is your trekking being interrupted by poor weather conditions. Make sure you consult with a trip advisor and explain to them the kind of experience you are looking for so that they can get a clear idea of the best time to take a tour to Nepal.

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