Best Time of Year to Visit Romania

A castle in Romania, summer time

Romania is an amazing country with great heritage and it offers a visual spectacle. But on top of that, it’s very affordable to visit this country, which makes it a top destination for anyone. That being said, when is the best time to visit Romania? It depends on where you want to go, but summer time seems to be ideal to visit most Romanian destinations.

What is the high season in Romania?

The high season is when most hotels are booked, and prices are up. Usually this happens from June to August. But the downside here is that despite being the best time of year for tourists, it also ends up being very hot. Which is why some people choose to visit Romania in May or early June. That helps a lot as prices can be a bit lower and you also have flowers, strong green colors and less people visiting anyways. However, spring can also be windy, and it will end up having some weather problems.

Should you visit Romania in late August-early September?

Some consider this period to be ideal because its late season, you can visit Northern Romania, Constanta, Mamaia and Bucharest without having to spend a whole lot of money. If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Romania, this can be a good option. Prices are lower than high-season, you can get discounts, and it’s just an amazing time to visit Romania as a whole. You can go to Croatia or Bulgaria as they are nearby, but Romania also offers great prices, especially during this period. It’s up to you, and results are impressive every time due to that.

Book months beforehand to access the best prices

What you will notice about traveling to Romania is that you can book a holiday even months in advance, and that will help save a lot of money. That’s especially true if you want to travel with a group. There are major discounts available and that’s why you should consider browsing all the offers to see which one suits your needs the most. You will be quite impressed with the results and how much you can save in the end.

In conclusion

As you can see, learning when is the best time to visit Romania will make it easier to book that perfect holiday you always wanted. From Brasov to Bucharest or Mamaia, there are many destinations well worth your time. Which is why you should consider booking your stay as fast as possible since many Romanian destinations tend to be overbooked quite fast.

But if you take your time and study the market, you will have no problem spending a lot less than you normally would. Is it ok to go during the high season? Sure, but if you want to spend less, you can visit Romania in late August – early September.

Even spring time would be great if you want to go hiking and explore the beautiful locations in the country. But if you like skiing and other winter activities, then it makes sense to visit Brasov during the winter. As you can see, it all comes down to what activities you want to perform and what budget you have. Either way, Romania is well-worth visiting and you should check it out right away!

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