Barcelona, Spain – General Information about the City for Travelers

Barcelona street view

Barcelona is a beautiful, costal city located in the eastern area of Spain that’s home to about 1.5 million people. If you’re thinking about traveling to Barcelona, check out the following information about the city and tips on getting the most out of your trip.

Barcelona on the map:

When traveling by air, you’ll fly into the Barcelona International Airport – also know as “El Prat” – which is very modern and located only about eight miles from the city. Once you disembark, you can grab a taxi cab for the twenty minute trip into town. The taxi will run about 20-25 Euros, or you can catch the train that runs from the airport to four Barcelona stations for 2.10 Euros.


The language of the Barcelona area of Spain is Catalan Spanish. However, since this is such a popular tourist destination, you’ll find that most people speak Spanish, Catalan, and English. However, it’s still a good idea to carry a travel book with pictures – this will help you “explain” what you’re looking for if you aren’t able to communicate clearly.

When to travel?

The weather in Barcelona is that of a typical Mediterranean climate. The summer days are warm, so Barcelona is usually busiest during the month of August. However, many travelers believe that the best times to visit this beautiful city are May and June or September and October, when the weather is a little cooler and the city less crowded. But whenever you can make it, you’ll find that Barcelona’s weather is generally pleasant year-round.

What to see?

Attractions in Barcelona

There are many things to do and see in Barcelona. You can go for a stroll on La Rambla, which is one of the greatest boulevards in the world for people-watching and getting a bite to eat. Be sure you watch your wallet, however, as the pickpockets are plentiful in touristy areas. The Picasso Museum is also a huge draw for tourists visiting this city. If contemporary art is more your style, you’ll definitely enjoy the Fondacio Joan Miro. The Gothic Quarter is also interesting to visit, and best of all – it’s free. If you need to find a place for a moment of quiet respite, relax at the Cathedral Crawl. Finally, if you feel yourself getting hungry, be sure to check out Los Caracoles Restaurant – one of the most popular places to dine in the evening in the Gothic Quarter.


Lodging in Barcelona is plentiful and you can easily find accommodations that will fit any budget. Typically, hotel rates run from 37 to 144 Euros a night – the equivalent of about 46 to 180 US dollars (depending on exchange rates). You’ll find that hotels in Barcelona offer many amenities to cater to different types of travelers, including wireless internet, family style accommodations and even US-standard electrical outlets.

Affordable options

If this still sounds expensive, consider staying in one of the city’s many hostels, where you’ll trade comfort and convenience for a much smaller fee. If the idea of staying in a hostel gives you the heebie-jeebies, reconsider – many hostels have cleaned up their acts considerably in the last few decades. Many now offer single rooms, clean linens, and comfortable beds for much less than what you’d pay in a traditional hotel. Plus, when you stay at a hostel, you’ll have the chance to meet people from around the world, making your stay that much more interesting.

In conclusion

Overall, Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit that has a lot to offer to visitors. There are great restaurants, including the city’s famous tapas bars. Tapas bars are restaurants that serve small portions – perfect for sharing – along with the requisite glass of wine. Spaniards love to go from bar to bar, eating and drinking at each location. It’s a tradition in Spain and one that can be a lot of fun, especially when spent with friends or family members. When visiting Spain, consider it’s other cities. For example, Seville.

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