Backpacking Holiday List – Things to Take and Useful Tips

Backpacking group of people

This sort of holiday is a bit different from your normal sun sea and sand family holiday, so what you’ll want to remember to take can be quite different. Some things like your camera for example will be the same, but here’s our guide to what else we think you should take along.

Sleeping Equipment

If you’re going to be sleeping out in tents, or in the rough, and will be carrying your sleeping equipment with you on your back make sure you invest in a really good sleeping bag. There are many out there which are light weight and roll up very small while still being warm and effective, so make sure you talk to an expert and get good advice on this before you go. A mosquito net is a very important thing if you are traveling in any region where malaria could be a problem, and it’s worth carrying your own even if you’re planning on staying in places which ought to supply one – better safe than sorry and they do not weigh much or take up much space.

Pills & First Aid

If you have any medical conditions you must talk to your doctor before you go travelling to make sure that you have any pills available to you that you may need. Some areas of the world are great for health care, but others most definitely are not. You will also need to make sure you carry enough of things like malaria tablets and so on to last for your whole journey, including extra in case you become delayed anywhere along your route. Take a basic first aid kit with you suitable for the regions you’ll be traveling in.

GPS/Sat Nav

Depending on the sort of traveling you’re doing, will depend on whether you want a system that works for if you’re on foot or traveling by car, but either way having a good piece of kit to help you find your way around can save you time, energy and a lot of stress.

Shoes & Clothes

What you take will depend on where you’re going, but remember if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking a good pair of pre-broken in walking boots is absolutely essential. Thinsulate socks which have 2 layers are also a good idea, and several spare pairs as well. Your feet are much more important than you might think, so look after them! Even in warm countries, think long sleeves and trousers at least for evening wear, particularly in areas where malaria is a problem. The more covered you are, the less chance of you being bitten.


Think fixing what you have for this one, so a simple sewing kit for repairing buttons, a spare shoelace or two, solar charger for charging up batteries/phone/camera or gps system. If you’re going off the beaten track, maybe an emergency kit that holds things such as space blanket, flare and so on. This is the stuff you carry with you in the hope that you will never need it, but will be extremely glad of if you ever do.

If you’re traveling in a group, many of these things can be split amongst you such as first aid kit, repair kits and so on, but remember if you split up at any point you’ll need to split or duplicate your kits too.

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