Baby Holiday List – What to Pack/Take for a Beach Vacation, Essentials

Baby on a beach vacation

What are the things to take on a vacation with a baby? New parents will know that going anywhere with a baby in tow can mean lugging a lot of stuff around. Babies seem to need a lot of things and that can quickly mean that the items you require mount up. Planning to take a vacation with a baby can sometimes feel rather daunting. But if you plan properly, and think carefully about what you really need, it does not have to be stressful.

When packing for your vacation, the first thing to consider are your baby’s basic needs. A baby is, after all, just a small human. So the basic things they need are things which are common to us all.

Baby Food/ Formula or Bottles & Breastfeeding Equipment

Baby will, of course, need to eat/drink. The things you will require will depend on whether or not your baby is weaned. If they are still on the breast or the bottle, then you will need bottles, and whichever formula you use if not breastfeeding. You may also require sterilizing equipment. If you are flying, it is, of course, important to determine what you are and are not allowed on the plane, and to think carefully about what you should put in the hold and what you need to carry on in your hand luggage.

If baby is weaned, it will be helpful to have some snacks on hand during a long flight or other long journey. Healthy snacks might include fruit or vegetables, and/or pieces of cheese. Of course, you may be restricted by rules as to what you are able to take with you on your way to your vacation destination.

Diapers & Baby Clothes

Baby will also need to be kept comfortable wherever you go. Think about what baby will need to wear, from their heads to their toes. Make sure that you have enough diapers to reach your destination, and look into whether or not you will be able to buy more when you arrive, if you are using a disposable option. Reusable, washable options can be better for vacations where you will have access to laundering facilities.

Make sure that the clothing you bring for your baby will be suitable for the weather conditions that you will experience at your destination. Create a capsule wardrobe for baby just as you would for yourself, so that items can easily be interchanged, and layers so that you can adapt for changes in the environment.


You should also think about how you will carry babies who cannot yet walk on their own. A baby carrier or sling can be a good, lightweight option for smaller babies, while a papoose worn on the back might be handy for slightly larger ones.

Think carefully before deciding to bring a pushchair, pram or larger carrier. Whether or not these are a good idea will depend on what type of vacation you are taking, and what you expect upon your arrival at your destination. You may wish to take a carrier that can also serve as a bed for baby when you reach your vacation destination.

Beds & Bedding

A travel cot may be a good idea if there is not a cot available at your destination. However, it is also worthwhile considering keeping your luggage lighter and carrying only bedding for your baby, making a make-shift bed for them once you arrive. Again, what you will need will depend on what type of vacation you are planning.

Fun & Entertainment

One final thing to consider is keeping baby content and entertained. If they have a comforter – make sure you don’t forget it! Bring a couple of favorite toys and books to read to them. But don’t go overboard. Often, all you need is a smile and some chat to keep a baby entertained.

In Conclusion 

Aside from these basics, the key to a successful vacation with a baby lies in keeping things simple Baby holiday packing list should not make you suffer. It’s your vacation too. Less is most definitely more. Pack light, and pay attention to what your baby really needs rather than trying to replicate life at home.

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  1. Medicines for general purposes like fever, ear pain and allergies is number one in my baby holiday list. In general, I hate to pack a lot for vacations as most of stuff that you may need urgently can be bought near by your hotel, but when it comes to meds, kids for some reason get sick at night when pharmacies around are closed.


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