Argentina VS Ecuador Travel Comparison And Highlights

Argentina VS Ecuador

Are you wondering where to go in South America?  In this article we compare Argentina and Ecuador – they both are very popular destinations among tourists. Comparison table and conclusion below it will answer questions like:

  • Where to go
  • Which one is better
  • Which one is cheaper

Or should you visit both places on your tour through South America?

Argentina and Ecuador on the map:

Argentina vs Ecuador comparison table:

Flag Argentina FlagEcuador Flag
Capital Buenos AiresQuito
Size Area - 2,780,400 Km2
Population - 45,148,312
Area - 283,561 Km2
Population - 17,126,527
Currency PesoUnites States Dollar (USD)
WeatherAbout the same, slightly coolerAbout the same
Driving sideRightRight
Main, famous
1. Iguazu Falls
2. Perito Moreno Glacier
3. The City Of Barrios
4. The End Of The World
5. Puerto Madryn and the Valdes Penisula
6. Tierra del Fuego National Park
7. Mar del Plata
8. Bariloche and Argentina’s Lake District
9. Mendoza
10. Historic Cordoba Cathedral
1. Cotopaxi
2. La Compania de Jesus
3. Nariz del Diablo
4. Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve
5. Tena
6. Montanita
7. Cathedral Nueva
8. Otavalo Market
9. San Francisco Church
10. Galapagos Islands
Tourist VolumeMoreLess
Tours Options
Access to
FoodAbout the sameAbout the same
Remote Work
SafetySaferLess safe
Travel cost,
getting there
More expensiveCheaper
Prices thereMore expensiveCheaper
Ocean accessAbout the sameAbout the same
List of cities
for long stay
1. Salta
2. Cordoba
3. Mendoza
4. Buenos Aires
5. Bariloche
6. Rosario
7. Patagonia
8. La Plata
9. Ushuaia
10. Mel del Plata
1. Cuenca
2. Cotacachi
3. Quito
4. Vilcabamba
5. Guayaquil
6. Salinas
7. Montanita
8. Manta
9. San Clemente
10. Bahia de Caraquez
Transportation More expensive Cheaper
Amazon travel WorseBetter
Overall conclusion Argentina is better for nature loversEcuador is better for adventure seekers

Main attractions

They both promise a wide range of activities and entertainment for tourist. When comparing the two you might think Argentina has the most to offer due to its large population area and wide list of popular tourist areas. But do not be fooled by the small size of Ecuador has a lot to offer.

For nature and wildlife lovers Argentina has the edge since it is the home of the amazing Iguazu falls, Perito Moreno, Peninsula Valdes (home of whales, elephant seals and lots more), Punta Tombo (world’s biggest colony of penguins) Reserve and many more. Ecuador is best for adventure seekers as you can visit the jungle, travel through the Pacific and climb the highest mountain all in a day.

Transportation options

In Argentina, long-distance buses are fast, efficient and they offer food services onboard and there are lots of restaurant stops for long-distance travels. Train service is another way travelers get by in the country especially for overnight journeys. Areas that can be reached via train services from Buenos Aires are:

  • Rosario
  • Rojas
  • Bahia Blanca
  • Mar del Plata

The local airline is more expensive and should only be used when it is necessary

In Ecuador Buses are available in large cities like Quito and all major cities. But for long-distance travels, Local airlines are advisable since it is faster and quite affordable.
As for train service there are no international train service in the country.

Accommodation, hotels

Accommodation is generally more expensive in Argentina than Ecuador. The northern cities of Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario and Mendoza) are the most expensive while the Southern Patagonia is surprisingly less expensive.

Accommodation in Ecuador is quite cheap as there are lots of family-owned hotels that are very cheap and yet provide quality services.

Beach vacations

Even though according to our comparison table both Argentina and Ecuador have easy access to the ocean. Ecuador has more beaches (26) compared to Argentina (15). They are both perfect for beach vacations, relaxation and sightseeing.

More about prices

When it comes to traveling price is definitely an important factor that must be considered. In general South America is an affordable place to visit, but when comparing Argentina to Ecuador which is cheaper? In terms of accommodation, cost of living and transportation Ecuador is cheaper but when considering food and entertainment then Argentina is perfect. In terms of average daily cost Ecuador is cheaper than Argentina.

Who is the winner, Argentina or Ecuador?

If what you seek is a tourist-friendly place with easy access to nature and lots of diversity then Argentina is the right place for you. But if what you seek is a long stay, work, low cost of leaving, less crowd and Adventure then Ecuador is your perfect destination. Even though Ecuador has a smaller area it boasts a lot of tourist center that can rival Argentina.

So, why you should visit both of them?

If you have both time and money why not? Both Argentina and Ecuador promise an exciting journey filled with:

  • Nature wonders
  • Amazing scenery
  • Hiking trails
  • Biking routes
  • Awesome wildlife

For a nature and adventure lover how can you say no to that? Inquire about how to get to Ecuador from Argentina or vice versa and visit both countries at once. We will help you to plan vacations and book flights, hotels and sightseeings tours.

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6 thoughts on “Argentina VS Ecuador Travel Comparison And Highlights”

  1. Ecuador and Argentina are countries located in South America, Argentina has more population than Ecuador also the climate is cooler.
    Argentina has a larger tourist volume than Ecuador, it also has more job opportunities, more security, being Argentina a better place to go on vacation, but despite all this, the cost of traveling to Argentina is more expensive than Ecuador.
    Both countries have extensive tourist activity, but despite being Ecuadorian I would like to travel to Argentina and get to know the country more.
    As for the bus service, I prefer the one in Argentina, since it has more services when traveling. Accommodation in Ecuador is cheaper than in Argentina, but they provide quality services. Both countries have easy access to beaches, but Ecuador has more beaches than Argentina.
    Both countries have wonderful places that we should all know, but as mentioned by Argentina it is more expensive than Ecuador, however, if you have money you can visit the wonders that both countries offer

  2. Ecuador vs Argentina
    these countries are very nice but they have different beauty and culture. Ecuador has better access to beaches, while in Argentina local airlines are more expensive, in Ecuador you can find three of the best regions, their food is cheaper and it has different cultures, on the other hand we have Argentina, the country has a very good barbecue, but a very expensive accommodation unlike Argentina, Ecuador has better beaches, bluer and different food, especially on the coasts of the country, Argentina is the most expensive country but its transportation is faster also has a better service medical, Ecuador has a cheaper medical service. the two countries are beautiful despite the fact that one is smaller than the other but both are very nice but i prefer to live or visit Ecuador because it is a small country but it has a lot to explore and discover unlike Argentina, which is beautiful but i am left with Ecuador a small but immense country.

  3. Argentina and Ecuador are very popular destinations among tourists, Argentina has more population than Ecuador, the weater in Argentina is colder than Ecuador, it has better access to remote work but its travel cost is more expensive. Ecuador has more beaches than Argentina, but both are perfect for beach vacations. Although Argentina is safer than Ecuador, I am proud of my country, I love its food and its tourist places, that’s why I would always choose Ecuador.


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