All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

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On this page – all the information you may need before purchasing a travel insurance plan. First, I will share common things to know and tips on how to choose the best travel insurance, and then I will talk about different types of it, depending on your travel needs.

Important: Travelrows LLC does NOT sell travel insurance. All the content on this page is for the informational purposes only and if you need a professional insurance agent advice please contact any insurance company that provides it.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance protects travelers from financial losses during traveling. There are different types of losses that can be covered or not, depending on the insurance plan you choose. The most popular traveler requests are:

  • Trip cancellation, interruption, delay
  • Medical care, evacuation
  • Lost baggage or stolen, delayed
  • Rental car damage protection

Depending on an insurance company, you can get assistance services that will be included in your coverage. Companies provide not only monetary compensations, it can be informational services, expert advices or necessary arrangements wherever you are in the world.

What is covered by travel insurance?

Every travel insurance plan has its own list of what is included and excluded. Depending on your travel destination, age, type of traveling you have to choose the right plan. It is not that easy if you travel once in a lifetime or purchase your first travel insurance.

Advice # 1

Remember to ask questions! Do not spend your time on googling. There is no certain answer for your and only your situation when it comes to insurance and your safety. Feel comfortable to call any insurance company as ask all the questions you have. You do NOT have to buy insurance from them. Just make a call and ask. You can call a central customer support lane in a country wide company or call a local insurance agent. If they have the answer they will give it to you. It’s their job.

Do I need a travel insurance?

* If you are the one who does not save money on travel, yes! Just get it. Normally it is a very little chance of that something happens. But if happens, you are always covered. One less thing to worry about.

* If you are on a budget, there are different options to discuss with your insurance agent. Like the most common and affordable plans that cover major things or really high expenses (health emergencies) or the stuff you may certainly need for your trip (for example, if you are going on a mountain skiing vacations or any dangerous sport activities).

* If you are in a senior age group and you have a high change of trip cancellation or health emergencies. Then yes! You DO need a travel insurance.

How does it work?

If something, included in your insurance plan happens, you will need to file a claim. Once claim is filed it should be approved by insurance company. How does it work? For example, you purchase a cancellation plan for your cruise. A couple days before the cruise departure you get sick. You go to the doctor and he says that the cruise should be cancelled or you can get worse. Medical details provided by your doctor will be reviewed by insurance company. You will have to get ready any other required information for reimbursement. In case, if you get sick during the trip, your insurance company will cover emergency situations that require upfront payments.

Advise # 2

Compare plans offered by an insurance company and travel suppliers. Now travel suppliers offer their own protection plans that can cover cancellations or medical issues. It is a common thing for cruise lines or tours. If you do not want to bother yourself with research and finding an insurance agent, the easiest thing to do is to include a protection plan into your booking. As a travel agent, I always remind about this option to my clients. How it works? For example, I book a cruise for you. When calculating total cost it offers to add a protection plan. All I need is to confirm with you, what plan you are interested in and click the required button. Payment for cruise line will include the plan. It does not work that easy with those, who have some special requests. Then, it is better to get insurance from an insurance agent. Travel suppliers offer only general plans that are suitable for common cases and protections.

Different types on insurance

Annual travel insurance

This type of protection is perfect for those, who travel many times a year. It helps to save money on your travel insurance a lot.

Advise # 3

Read benefits and exclusions in your policy carefully. Those sections are usually with a small print but they are the most important. Will help you to avoid fighting for what you were expecting and what you got.

Useful links:

Squaremouth – helps you to compare insurance policies from 22 providers in a very easy way.

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