Affordable Countries and Cheap Places for Budget Friendly Travel

Agriculture in an asian country

These are just some of the cheapest places to travel around the world, relative of course to what currency you happen to be carrying. These places make great places to travel, are a bit off the beaten path, with generally have less visitors than their more expensive counterparts. Of course you can always figure out the cheapest places to travel at any time but this list is a good set of general countries. Prices vary between cities of course and locally as well in each town so take this list with a grain of salt. These are just some of the selected cheapest places to travel.

Morocco – It’s becoming ever popular with vacationing Europeans, but you can still get a good price in this inexpensive country. Travel in Morocco really caters to upper class or budget travelers with little in between. You can save a considerable amount of money but staying in a local riad or guest house, as opposed to the overpriced hotels around the country. Local food is also inexpensive with your biggest expense likely to be for tours and transportation.

Jordan – So many travelers neglect the Middle East for a variety of reasons, including fear or what they’ve heard on the news. Jordan has some of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches in the world and some of the most fascinating historical and archeological sites you can find anywhere. Being relatively ignored in the region in terms of tourism has kept prices low.

Venezuela – It’s very inexpensive to travel to Venezuela, which has a well developed tourism industry. Putting politics aside, traveling here is like traveling to mot other places. Simply follow the usual local advice and refrain from discussing politics and you’ll have a wonderful time either in Caracas or by the warm beaches of Venezuela.

Romania – Inexpensive and home to some great sections of Black Sea coast. Travel to Romania during the warm July or August months since the coast can be chilly at other times of the year. Since it’s fairly quiet in terms of tourism, even during these popular months you shouldn’t have trouble finding a bit of your own space and save some money doing so as well.

Nicaragua – The cheaper version of Coast Rica (to put it bluntly) it’s much cheaper here just across the border. While most American tourists head straight to San Jose then to the rest of Coast Rica, most pass up on a chance to visit Nicaragua, which is considerably less expensive.

Indonesia – There are over 16,000 islands to explore in this culturally and physically diverse nation which has good weather almost all year round. It depends of course where in Indonesia you go, but you’ll get a great exchange rate in this country that’s not dangerous as it’s made out to be in the media.

Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus – On the island of Cyprus, this unrecognized territory is much cheaper than its southern counterpart. It’s every bit as beautiful (just take a look at beaches like Girne) but much less expensive. You can get there by going through the southern coastal town of Antalya in Turkey. Ferries leave several times a day and there are regular flights as well.

Cambodia – Thailand’s cheaper neighbor, it’s not really on the beaten tourist path yet. You can save quite a bit of money by vacationing in Cambodia and taking a side trip to Thailand instead.

There are so many more countries that could be added to this list like South Africa, Vietnam, many of the Central Asian nations and other parts of South America. Also, within each country itself there are plenty of variations in price and if you scratch a bit beneath the surface of advertised hotels and other tours you can save quite a bit of money by looking at your options after you arrive.

The problem with choosing a cheap country to travel is that tickets to that place are very expensive. Let’s say you live in the US and want to go to Romania. Flying there will take the most of your budget. That’s why it is important to choose a place close by.

If you have experience of traveling to budget friendly countries, share your story in comments or send us e-mail, we will be happy to publish it on our website. I will be updating this page and adding more places too. 

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