Advantages of Buying Excursions From a Tour Operator or a Cruise Line

Great Wall, China excursion

Most travelers think that excursions are cheaper if you buy them locally. I will not deny that statement as it’s a proven thing by many tourists. But, before leaving your excursions choice to the last minute, read this article. Buying excursion from your tour or cruise provider has it’s advantages. I will be happy to share them with you.

First thing to mention

All the excursions have different plan or itinerary. Yeah, sometimes excursion with a tour costs more and has less places to visit or shorter time. Sometimes it opposite. That’s why it is useful to compare what you buy. Another thing – excursions providers can mention a lot of interesting to see in their advertisement but then exclude a part of it. To make sure that the excursion provider will keep his promises – read reviews on websites like TripAdvisor.

Best price guarantee

Now most tour operators and cruise lines started caring about price matching. Some of them offer really good options if you find the same excursion cheaper than theirs. Please contact me, if you want to buy a trip or a cruise only from a company who does it.

Buying excursions with a cruise line

An important thing to know about cruises. If you buy a shore excursion with a cruise line and it is late on return to the ship (it’s a rare thing but happens) , cruise line will provide transportation to the next port to catch up with the ship at its own expenses. If you buy an excursion on a shore from a local travel shop you will have to find and pay for your transportation yourself.

Your safety

Accidents may happen anywhere but an accredited tour operator or a cruise line does its best to provide you a safe time on a shore. In overcrowded touristic destinations it is a common thing to deal with low quality local services – like drunk drivers, indifferent guides or excursions that spend more time on taking you to expensive shopping centers instead of attractions. Again, all the cases are different, I do not want to judge anybody here, just want to make sure that my customers are safe. If you get into troubles with a tour operator or a cruise line, I will be happy to help you and do what I can as your travel agent, but I doubt some local travel shop in the middle of nowhere will even listen to me and care about you if something goes wrong.

Sometimes it’s not all about money

Popular destinations and popular excursions are often cheap. But it’s not the same when it comes to some unique offers, especially with a partnership of some big company or organization, related to expeditions, adventures, private tours. Our travel agency has a great choice of interesting, unusual and breathtaking tours and cruises from suppliers all over the world. Good memories are the life valuables. Live a good life? Travel a good life™

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