7 Perfect Accommodations (and Places) for a Romantic Escape

A villa on Maldives

When it comes to romantic travel, honeymoons, destination weddings and anniversaries people are searching for unusual and unique accommodations. This is totally normal, as unusual places make great memories. On this page – the list of seven ideas on where to stay or travel to, if you need a romantic getaway. www.travelrows.com

Water villas in Maldives

There are a limited number of water villas in the world, with the Maldives as the most coveted location for them. These tasteful holiday homes allow you to enjoy the very best of the sea with your significant other. Depending on your budget, you can choose a villa complete with stunning views of the ocean, an infinity pool/Jacuzzi, and 24 hour access to a quick ocean dip! Their privacy will give you undisturbed alone time, while the beach setting provides the perfect backdrop for stirring up love.

A cottage in the cotswolds

Right in the UK, the Cotswolds offer a beautiful backdrop for any romantic escape. The quaint villages, rolling countryside, delicious food, and cozy cottages are a perfect recipe for passion. Choose from a variety of cottages combining old English allure with modern facilities to create the perfectly cozy environment.

Luxury tented camps in Kenya

Get your romance off to a wild start with a safari and tented camp experience in the heart of the Kenyan wilderness. Exciting for any couple, these tented camps give you the very best of African hospitality, right in the heart of some of Africa’s most coveted game spots. With on call waiters, air balloon safaris in the morning, and even luxurious diners right in the middle of the park, this is a good place to get your romance burning. Find out what to wear in Kenya before you go.

A luxury Italian villa

There are few locations in the world that stir up passion and love like Italy; this country reeks of romance, passion and desire. It is no wonder that John Legend’s wildly successful romance song was shot in a private Italian villa, right at Lake Como. Get yourself a private chef to smother you in Italian goodness as you focus on each other and enjoy the sights and sounds of Italia.

Private lake houses in the UK

Romantic getaways are all about seclusion with a beautiful natural backdrop. Choose a luxury lake house and get your love to an enduring start. Set in some of the UK’s most serene environments, lake houses feature deluxe modern trappings like Jacuzzis with some romantic essentials, like roaring fireplaces.

A French chateau

It is hard not to get pulled in to the passionate allure of a French chateau. Just a short way off from the UK, they truly are a gem next door. Get royal treatment here, with an abundance of French wine and food, stunning views, and of course alluring French décor. These grand sites can even play host to a wedding or re-commitment ceremony (inspired yet?). Whatever part of France you choose to escape to, enjoy a time of pampering and decadence in these opulent sites.

Private riads in Morocco

Morocco is arguably North Africa’s most romantic getaway: cities such as the famous Casablanca, passionate Marrakech, and laid back Essaouira offer tantalizing escapes. Private riads are an exotic accommodation option, perfect for the romance chasing couple. Featuring tasty authentic meals, Arabic and Berber décor, tastefully mixed with modern convenience, riads are quite the treat. Depending on the riad, you may even have in house spa facilities, just to spoil yourselves a little more. Find out lesser known places to explore in Morocco.

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