5 of the Best Places Around the World for a Villa Holiday

A villa in Greece

Forget about staying in a hotel the next time you are on a holiday. It is a vacation cliché that you should get rid of. Instead, consider alternative forms of travel and accommodations. A villa stay can prove to be much better than staying in a hotel, especially in the following destinations. www.travelrows.com


If you love the sun, sea, and sand, this is definitely where you should be heading. It is gifted with some of the best beaches in the world. If you love to surf, head to Kuta Beach. If you are looking for a more upscale experience, on the other hand, Seminyak is the perfect choice. Here, you will have a diverse selection of villa accommodations, complete with top-notch facilities and high-end service, guaranteeing your highest level of satisfaction.


Luxury French escapes can be best experienced through staying in a lavish villa. The challenge lies not only in picking the perfect villa, but also when it comes to choosing the best destination. Forget about Paris. There are many places that can offer an equally stunning experience, such as Nice, Cannes, Provence, and Bordeaux. You can rent a villa that is perfect for a romantic or family holiday. Many of these villas are fitted with their own pools and other luxurious features, such as a lush courtyard.


With rich history and culture, a vacation in Greece will definitely be a good idea, which will be more memorable if you stay in a nice villa. Whether it is in Crete, Santorini, Athens, or on any other Greek island, you will have an abundance of choices for villa accommodations. Allegra, which is found in Corfu, can house 12 people and is one of the most luxurious that you will find. Villa Migliaressis, which is an 18th century residence, is another choice that should not be missed.


This is another beach destination where a villa stay will surely make your holiday more memorable. In many of these villas, you can enjoy self-catering vacations, which is perfect if you want privacy. There are also fully-catered villas, which is ideal if all you want is to relax. The Venetian, a five-bedroom villa that can accommodate up to 12 guests, is one of the best places. Other villas that you might want to check out include Seascape, Ananda Estate. Tradewinds, Windchat Villas, Villa Mouette, and Buccaneer Hill.


Gifted with pristine beaches, this is another country that is sure to be worth a visit and where staying in a villa is your best choice of accommodation. Whether you would want to be near pristine waters or be surrounded with lush greenery, there is a villa that will be perfect for you and your crew. Villa Agave in Dubrovnik is one of the most popular choices, which has already hosted some celebrities in the past including Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. Villa Bianca, which faces the Dalmatian Coast and set in a historic house, is another option that should be on the top of your list.

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