5 Lesser Known Places to See in Morocco

A desert in Morocco

If you are planning to visit Morocco, you can possibly be overwhelmed with too many places that you can explore, each with the promise of providing you with a memorable holiday. Marrakech, for sure, will be on the top of the list when it comes to places that should not be missed. Beyond such, however, there are hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. The weather conditions are very varied, so it is important to research the best time to visit Morocco, before booking. www.travelrows.com


Although this is the administrative and political capital of the country, it has not reached its peak as a tourist destination, making it often ignored by many tourists. Rabat is a place that is not as crowded as more popular cities, yet it can offer an amazing experience. It is laidback and serene. One of its best attractions is the medina. Its narrow alleys are filled with distinct attractions. It is also home to various art galleries and Kasbahs.

Scarabeo Camp

Camping is dreaded by many because they always assert that it means being devoid of a luxurious experience. In Scarabeo Camp, on the other hand, you can have a different experience. This is the perfect place to try glamping. It offers an authentic desert camping, which is one of the best ways to see Morocco from a different light. It is located in Agafay Desert, a sanctuary that is located just a few minutes away from Marrakech and only a 40-minute drive from the airport.


Known as The Switzerland of Morocco, this is another destination in the country that you should explore. Situated at an altitude of 5,460 feet above sea level, it is distinct from many of the other places that you can see in the country. It is known for its red-roofed homes, and snowbound winters. It is also home to some of the best lakes in Morocco. It has gained reputation as the playground of the rich, but there is actually something for everyone in this piece of Moroccan paradise.


Known as the Gateway to the Desert, this is one of the most charming towns in the country that you should definitely see. It may seem to be a bit far from other popular attractions in Morocco, but it will definitely be worth a visit. It is lined with houses that are built from sun-dried red clay. Palm groves are also abundant. You should definitely not leave the place without seeing the infamous camel market. This is also where you can see the Tuareg, known as the Blue Men of the Desert.


Known as The Mountain City, it might be small and unexciting for some, but if you do your research, you will actually realize that it is indeed a promising destination. It is especially popular for mountain climbers. You can also see a variety of markets and hand-sewn shoes are amongst the most popular products that they are selling. It is cozy and has a small size, making it perfect for walking. You can spend the entire day just wandering around, getting lost, and having endless discoveries.

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