5 European Countries for a Glorious Golf Tour

Golf in European countries

If you love golf then it’s highly likely that you’ll have been on a golf holiday somewhere around the world. Mixing great golf with beautiful weather and stunning surroundings makes for a fantastic trip – below are 5 top spots in Europe to try if you haven’t sampled them already. www.travelrows.com


It is hard to resist Portugal’s allure in the golfing circuit. A combination of all-year sun, accessible world-class golf courses, and of course stunning natural scenery to go with it make it quite the gem. If you only have a short break, then immerse yourself in Algarve’s seductive golfing resorts. Whether you head over to Dona Filipa, home to the world class San Lorenzo golf course in the Penina Resort, or the lush Salgados Palm Village, or even the breezy Oceanico Amendoeira Golf Resort, you are bound to be satisfied. Other exciting corners of the country worth exploring on your golfing tour include Lisbon and the sunny island of Madeira, a tasteful choice for the adventurous.


Getting lost in any of the Costa regions if Spain is easy, especially if you brought your golfing clubs along! Blessed with all-year-round sunshine, this haven allows you to tee off to beautiful weather any time you choose. For those who want to indulge in proven courses, the Costa Del Sol provides time tested golf courses that will challenge your swing and go easy on the eyes. After a hearty round at Atalaya Park, head out to Marbella for a tour of the area. Alternatively, you can head to La Manga in the Costa Blanca area where you are assured of all-year sunshine and get swinging in one of Europe’s most coveted golf resorts.


With the current talk of economic crisis, it is easy to forget how relaxing this gem of a country really is. Good weather, great food, and delightful scenery provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxed round of golf. Head over to Crete for an experience at the Porto Elounda Golf & Resort Spa, a deliciously coastal experience awaits you amid pampering. Alternatively, enjoy the more stoic Corfu Golf & Country Club with beautiful mountain scenery. Crete also has some very exciting golfing spots, including the Corfu Holiday Palace, a sumptuous resort that works well especially if you are carrying along your family to Greece.


This list would be incomplete without mentioning Scotland, the actual home of the golfing game. It is perfect for those with an insatiable appetite to try out new courses in a very short time, with a saturation of over 500 golf courses spread over such a small region. With hundreds of years of golfing heritage, choosing one of the world class golfing courses can be a challenge. Will you start off at Gleneagles, home of the 2014 Ryder Cup, or head over to Muirfield, also a championship circuit golf course?


On top of its many other tourist attractions, France has a surprisingly stunning golfing scene as well. Added bonus is that it is very close by to the UK, making travel so much faster. Enjoy golf resorts literally all over the country: Dolce Chantilly around Paris, Le Toquet Golf in the north, and even Evian Resort found in the Alps. With rarified air, delightful cuisine, and stunning views, the Alps’ popularity for golf is actually increasing.

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