5 Cruises You Must Try at Least Once in a Lifetime

Alaska cruise ship

Looking for something different to try for your next holiday? In case you have not yet tried cruising before, this will definitely be one of the best activities. It is slow-paced and it is calming. It allows you to explore natural landscapes and cityscapes, depending on the specific destination that will be chosen. If you are unsure as to which cruise to take, keep on reading and learn from our recommendations. www.travelrows.com

Cruise in Alaska

This is another thrilling experience that you might want for a cruise holiday. The rugged wilderness and breath-taking natural beauty of Alaska will surely leave you in awe. From towering glaciers to exciting wildlife, you will have a lot to explore. Some of the best cruise liners that you can find in this destination include Celebrity Solstice Cruises, Eurodam Cruises, Island Princess Cruises, and Amsterdam Cruises, among others. Your Alaskan shore excursions will surely be filled with thrilling activities, such as kayaking and hiking.

Best time to cruise Alaska

River Cruise in Russia

The ancient towns and chic cities of Russia can be explored in many ways, but a river cruise is perhaps one of the best ways by which such can be possible. Some of the best destinations where you can explore the waterways of the tsars include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Onega, and Ladoga, among others. Regardless of the destination that will be chosen, you will surely have a memorable holiday.

Halong Bay Cruise

Rather than the conventional luxury cruise liners, in Halong Bay, you will be riding a traditional junk boat, which already forms part of the experience. The bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is dotted with towering limestone formations, making it truly a splendid sight. Although they are wooden junk boats, they are fitted with luxurious facilities, including rooms that are comparable to lavish hotels. There are many parts of Halong Bay where you can stop at the middle and enjoy various activities, such as kayaking.

Caribbean Cruise

This is one of the cruises on the bucket lists of many people. One of the best things about the Caribbean is that there is an island that is suited for almost every taste. Disney Fantasy Cruises is one of the best options that you can take into consideration, especially if you are traveling with the whole family. It is like a theme park rolled into a boat. Other options that are popular include Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Reflection Cruises, Celebrity Equinox Cruises, and Serenade of the Seas Cruises.

Amazon River Cruise

This would be the perfect choice if you want a unique cruising holiday. Exploring the mighty Amazon will surely be a thrilling experience, making it a bucket list for many people. The biodiverse landscapes are amongst its most popular attractions. Expect to see a splendid flora and fauna, as well as exciting wildlife. Some of the highlights of your trip will include seeing tropical birds, jaguars, monkeys, and otters, among others. The best thing is that many of the river cruise ships are small and you won’t feel crowded.

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