5 Alternative Family Holidays to Beat the Beach

China, Great Wall view

Although the beach is a great place to relax sometimes you just feel like doing something a bit more adventurous, educational or rewarding. These are just a few of the many alternative vacations that you can take your family on that are rewarding, mentally stimulating, and a great alternative to brushing the sand off your feet at the end of the day! www.travelrows.com

1. Visit the Great Wall of China

The construction of The Great Wall of China was started in the early 7th century and with all of the branches it measures almost 22000 km long. The majority of the existing Great Wall of China was built in the Ming Dynasty in 1368 -1644 and it is 8850km long. You can fly into Beijing and take a short drive outside of the city to visit the Simtai, Jinshanling. Mutianyu and Gukeou sections of the wall. You can stand atop the towers and take in the panoramic view of the beautiful scenery.

2. Volunteer with Elephants in Sri Lanka

Volunteering with your family is a fantastic experience and in Sri Lanka you can help look after the elephants which the whole family will love! These elephants have been freed from a working life, they are not chained and they roam about freely. You can help look after them by: helping to grow food for them, cleaning up after them, helping to wash them in the river, as well as socializing with them and playing games with them.

3. Take a Danube River Cruise

Enjoy a scenic view of Europe from the comfort of a cruise boat. The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe, originating in Germany before flowing through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine before coming to an end and meeting the Black Sea. You can also ride alongside the boat on a bicycle in most cities. The boats stop regularly so you will still get to explore the wonderful historical interests, architecture, art and of course the food of each beautiful city!

4. Tour the UK in a Campervan

Campervans are about the size of a large van so they are not too bulky to maneuver through traffic and pretty easy to park if you want to stop in a city and see the sights. Hiring a campervan in the UK is easy and they are a popular way to tour the country. They come with a kitchen, beds, lights, some form of a washroom and often a shower. There is also plenty of room to store your gear. Some of them have fold out spaces that will add an extra living space. You can stay at most campsites and hook them up to the site’s electrical supply to save on the battery. It is a fantastic and easy way to travel around the UK and visit the many sights at your leisure, with enough space for all the family to travel on a budget.

5. Go Skiing at Whistler Blackcomb, BC Canada

With over two million visitors per year this is one of the world’s most visited ski hills. Ski through the powder, ride the state of the art ski lifts and Peak-to-Peak gondola and then relax in the many pubs and restaurants in Whistler Village after a day of skiing.

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