3 Fantastic Eco Tourism Destinations for Responsible Travelers

Volcano in Costa Rica

In our previous articles about green travel we already covered lots of information about how to travel responsibly. In this article – 3 great eco destinations to go if you are interested in sustainable, nature friendly travel and activities. www.travelrows.com

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a delightful spot for the responsible tourist. Combining exciting natural scenes with stable socio-economic climate, you get to enjoy nature’s goodness in a safe environment. The government itself encourages eco tourism, and even has a certification program in place to encourage it.

Start off at the capital, San Jose and indulge in the dormant volcanoes on either side. Then head over to the Tortuguero National Park for a naturally rich experience. You also have the choice of 19 other National Parks to choose from, 8 biological reserves, and a variety of protected areas as well.

There are also a variety of eco-lodges available, ranging from Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn at Santa Barbara, a tastefully designed lodge to budget lodges at Tapyeba, great for those on a tight budget.

Sri Lanka

This gem of a country is a definite eco-tourism destination haven. With around 22 National Parks and numerous natural reserves around, you are assured of natural sights of flora and fauna at its best. In fact, close to 15% of the island nation’s area is protected at various statuses, ranging from sanctuary status to strict nature reserves.

In Sri Lanka, you can choose to indulge in different scenic experiences, whether you delve inland for high altitude parks, or go to the coastal areas for a chance to see nesting sea turtles.

Bird watching is a particularly popular attraction as well, with so many different types of these beautiful creatures available virtually anywhere on the island. Alternatively, head over to the Yala National Park for a chance to explore for leopards, among other exciting animals. There are also elephants, whales, dolphins, among hundreds of other animals available for your sightseeing experience.

If you want to truly interact with nature, why not stay inside the national parks. Book early though, since spots are hard to come by. You can stay at a park bungalow, or even an exciting tented camp: please note though that these options are quite pricey, so shop around before you settle. You can stay at eco-lodges and hotels just outside the parks for significantly less, though.

The United Kingdom

The UK offers the chance to responsible tourists to enjoy distinct natural sites while indulging in a dash of luxury as well. Here, whether you choose an extreme budget option such as camping, or indulge a little in a cozy self-catering cottage, you can rest easy knowing that your carbon footprint is very small.

For an eco-holiday, you will never be short of activities to indulge in, whatever side of the UK you choose. Explore the Scottish coast and highlands, wander through the Welsh countryside, explore the Lake District and its surroundings, get lost in the southern countryside, or simply relax in the numerous beaches available: the choice is yours.


Looking for a base to explore the excitement of Cornwall, why not head over to Trelowarren. Tasteful accommodation, these previously abandoned area was revived into an eco-friendly estate, featuring a naturally filtered swimming pool, sustainably heated water, and a delicious organic restaurant. Stay at Dales Valley in the Natural Retreats, or head over to an Eco-cabin in the rural Shropshire Valley among many other delightful options for accommodation.

If you have any questions about those or other eco-friendly destinations, feel free to ask them in comments or leave feedback. Thank you.

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