10 Most Common Traveling Alone Fears and the Best Solutions

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Traveling alone. For someone, it is quite a usual thing because the person does not care how to travel. But there are people for whom traveling alone is simply unacceptable and only one thought about it causes unpleasant associations. This is largely due to the fact that people formed a strong association with the fact that the journey involves a huge number of difficulties and even dangers. So, what are the main fears about travel can bother people, and how to deal with them? Consider the following.

You feel helpless

According to many psychologists, the feeling of fear alone is quite normal. do not forget that one of the main tasks during the trip is to ensure their own safety.

How to resolve this issue: wherever you are, do not forget about the basic precautions:

  • If there is a need to go outside at night, try to stay in crowded well-lit places;
  • Keep valuables with you, do not advertise their presence with you;
  • Make sure that you have a mobile phone at hand, which you can use in an emergency;
  • Make new friends in your surroundings, so as not to get lost;
  • Keep a small amount of money with you. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, do not take all the money you have at once.

Fear of loneliness, shyness

This is one of the most important fears of those who travel on their own. During an independent trip, you somehow have to meet people, because communication is part of our lives. But many people feel shy in front of new people.

How to resolve this issue: do not attach much importance to this and be easy-going about it.

  • The hostel can be a great alternative to hotels, as there you can meet the same travellers like you and make a lot of new friends;
  • We recommend you to use MeetUp and CouchSurfing to plan your trips;
  • Visit places where you can meet a lot of new people: museums, excursions, parks, mass events, etc.

Lunch or dinner alone

This problem is faced by absolutely all travelers traveling alone.

How to resolve this issue: there are several ways to get rid of embarrassment:

  • During the meal, you can use your laptop/phone, or bring a book. This will help you to escape from the external environment and feelings of awkwardness;
  • Take food with you and sit in any place;
  • If you met someone during a trip or walk, you can invite your new friends to a joint dinner.


One of the most common stereotypes that exist among travelers is that traveling alone is quite boring. Therefore, many are afraid to even try to go on a trip on their own.

How to resolve this issue: listen to yourself and choose exactly what will be interesting to you. After all, this is the meaning of independent travel.

  • Don’t let boredom get to you. Always plan your trips in advance. Where would you like to have lunch? What sights to see? What to do? No need to make a detailed plan, just have a General idea about your future pastime;
  • Look for entertainment for yourself, but do not forget about what is around you. The meaning of travel is to visit and meet new places.

Culture shock

When visiting another country, be prepared for cultural differences. Do not be afraid of these differences, and try to enjoy them.

How to resolve this issue: before the trip, it would be nice to make some inquiries about the country you are going to visit.

  • As you learn more about the culture features of another country. It will also help you to communicate with other cultures, and your awareness of their customs will be an indicator of respect for another culture;
  • Learn a few basic phrases in another language. Just in case, buy a PhraseBook or use Google Translate or Duolingo apps.

Fear of losing all money

This is quite understandable fear, as to be in a foreign country with no money-the situation is not particularly pleasant.

How to resolve this issue: keep cash and credit card with you.

  • Today, there are many offers specifically for travelers. Many banks are ready to offer you a special card for travel abroad. In addition, when you pay with you will not remove the fees. For such maps, there is a special system of bonuses. One of these cards is Chase Sapphire Preferred;
  • Also, carry a certain amount of cash, as they can be useful in those shops and restaurants that do not accept credit cards.


No matter how much you love to travel, sooner or later you will start to miss home. This is quite normal for any person. But this is not a huge problem.

How to resolve this issue: try not to think about it, and enjoy the moment.

Sooner or later your journey will end and you will in any case return home, it’s just a matter of time. So don’t think sad and just concentrate on your trip. Get as many positive emotions and impressions from it as possible to have something to remember.

Fear of getting lost

Unfamiliar places are always scary. But in today’s world, it has become much easier to find the right way.

How to resolve this issue: use a variety of apps.

Map, whether paper or Navigator in the phone, is the surest way not to get lost and get to the right place. GPS will detect your current location in seconds;

But if you do get lost, then look at it from the positive side. This is a great opportunity to walk around the city and get to know it better. If necessary, you can ask for help to passers-by, they will tell you the way.

Fear of unexpected

There is always the fear that they suddenly can happen something bad. But many psychologists say that this is just an irrational fear.

How to resolve this issue: think about what scares you the most and how can you avoid it?

Most likely, you are dealing with irrational fears, and they usually never come true. So all your worries are in vain.


Getting sick while traveling is quite an unpleasant situation. This is often difficult to foresee.

How to resolve this issue: think about everything in advance.

  • Take appropriate clothes for the weather and climate;
  • Bring a small first aid kit with all the essential medicines and check the availability of pharmacies near the hotel;
  • Do not visit strange restaurants and cafes, and do not buy products in the first shops.

Still doubting? Share your fears or write your solo traveling experience in comments.

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